Our weekend happy – wedding dresses, dinner with Nannie, and lazy days!

This weekend was one that was busy for both of us on separate days.

Saturday as always, started out with swimming and rugby. It’s always hit and miss with the boys as to whether they are going to put their all into their respective lessons, or whether they are going to muck about. For Zach this week, he messed around way more than he should have done. Oscar was ok though, plus he’s only two so it’s harder for him to stay focused on an activity.



Once they were done with their sessions, we headed straight home – despite Zach’s insistence on going to the park which was pretty wet and muddy (hence we didn’t go!). When we arrived home, we pottered around for a short while before I popped over to the shops to grab a couple of baguettes and to get my eyebrows threaded. When I got home, the other half took Oscar out for his nap and I made us an early lunch as we had skipped breakfast and I didn’t want to be all bloated for the afternoon, as I was due to be trying wedding dresses on.

We ate lunch whilst Oscar slept and then at just after midday, my Mum arrived. She had brought round her desk/dressing table as she no longer wanted it and I snapped her hand off when she offered it to me. It was pretty hilarious watching the other half and I trying to get it up the stairs – we have a very narrow staircase and whilst it fitted just fine, my foot kept getting stuck between a bit of wood and the stair, and then I got to the point where I was halfway up the stairs and struggling to lift it. We were in hysterics and trying not to wake up a still sleeping Oscar.

We finally got it round the top of the stairs and into place in the bedroom and then we had a brief chat before my Sister arrived and we went out to the car (she was driving us and was having car battery issues so didn’t want to stop the engine at that point!). We headed off to Hoddesdon where I had an appointment at Olivers Bridalwear at 1pm. I was so excited – it being my first experience of wedding dresses.

We arrived bang on time and was met by my bridal consultant Harriet, who gave me a bunch of red clips and told me to look around the dresses and choose a few that I would like to try on. I immediately found the one that I loved online and then popped some clips on a few more before we made our way over to the dressing area. Harriet had made us all a drink and my Mum and Sister took their seats as I went into the changing area and began putting the dresses on. It’s so funny because I always watch Don’t Tell The Bride and the other half always says he just doesn’t understand the whole dress thing and why they always freak out over something they don’t like. But it isn’t until you are physically trying them on, that you discover what does and doesn’t suit you, and what does and doesn’t look right. I knew which dresses looked fabulous on me, and I knew which ones left me feeling a bit blah about them. It’s just the way a dress makes you feel.

I think I tried on about six or seven dresses and there were two clear favourites – the problem was that they were both very different and it made it hard. My Sister decided that the only way to go about it was to try each dress on again and take a photo from the front and back so that I could see them next to each other immediately. It’s amazing how when you put the next dress on, you instantly forget what the last one looked like – I needed to see them both on at the same time. So I put them on, photos were taken and at that moment, it was 100% obvious which one was THE ONE. And I still happened to be wearing it and the longer I was in it, the longer I was staring at it – the more I fell in love with it.

You’ll be shocked, but I didn’t say yes to the dress on the day. I won’t lie, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag and I had to discuss it with the other half. It’s Tuesday and we are still in discussions as I had some news on the specific dress that I tried on (not bad news, just news), and I have an appointment to go for another fitting of it on Saturday! But I think it’s safe to say that I have found THE ONE. I keep looking at the pictures of me in it and I just absolutely adore it. I know for a fact that when I was stood wearing it in the shop, I didn’t want to take it off!

Once we were finished in the shop, we headed back home again where the other half and the boys were awaiting us. My Sister went straight home and Mum was coming in to stay for dinner, so we went in and of course, havoc began with the boys going a bit crazy. We were all trying to talk about the experience and the dress. It was then that I had the news that I received about it, I got a bit emosh about the thought of not having it, and it was all a bit chaotic. Despite all of that, we cooked a lovely roast and then Mum headed home before we put the boys to bed and then I watched the X Factor and the other half played computer games!


On Sunday, the other half got up with the boys and left me in bed because I had been absolutely exhausted on Saturday. I was aware that he had taken them and so I went into my own bed (I sleep in Oscar’s every night!), and had a nice extra couple of hours of kip. I woke up feeling crap still, but not as crap as I did the day before. The other half was due to go out and meet his Dad and Brother in the pub for the afternoon so I was solo parenting. I got showered before he left and then it was just me and the boys. I had got their clothes out but neither of them could be bothered to do anything and so we had a super lazy day, with them remaining in their pj’s for the entirety.



We watched The Polar Express (sort of, Oscar got bored and wanted to play with the car race set), I built a train track for them which they played with whilst I started cleaning the rabbit out, and then I could see through the window that they were sat watching TV.



It was when I went into the kitchen to do the Rabbit’s food, that Zach came out and informed me that Oscar had fallen asleep on the sofa and it was 3.25pm – DANGER NAP!



I had decided not to nap him earlier in the day since we were having a lazy day, and so I should have known that he would doze off. Whilst he slept, I sat down with Zach and we did his homework and read one of his books that he brought home from school, before he did a spot of writing. At that moment, Oscar suddenly woke up and so thankfully it had only been a short nap. He was in a fowl mood though and didn’t want to be off of my side, which made trying to peel potatoes and cook sausages for dinner interesting!



Once dinner was eaten, the other half called and he was on his way home but wouldn’t be back in time for bed. We ended up on the phone for ages and suddenly it was 7.20 and absolutely time to get the boys to bed. So we did teeth, went upstairs, and Oscar had a meltdown over something tiny. I managed to get them into bed but Oscar needed some boob before he went to sleep, something he hadn’t had for the two previous nights (and all caused by the meltdown), but they both fell asleep fairly easily.

I went downstairs, made a cup of tea and the other half got home. We continued the chat that we were having on the phone, and then whilst he was cooking some food for himself, he played a quick computer game to chill him out and I watched the X Factor results and then it was soon time for bed.

It was a pretty simple weekend for all of us really – not particularly exciting for the boys, but I did have an afternoon of feeling like a princess!

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