Our weekend happy – bike rides, country walks and a party style lunch!

Now that Zach has decided that he no longer wants to go to gymnastics (much to my dismay), it has left our Saturday mornings empty. Whilst it is quite nice that we are no longer spending the morning clock watching, it does mean that Zach is no longer getting that energy out anymore. And thus, first thing on Saturday morning we found ourselves heading up to one of the local parks with him on his bike.

We had a walk around, saw the animals that live there and then it was sadly time to head home when we discovered the other half's dad was heading round an hour earlier than expected to drop their dog off who we were due to be looking after for a few days.

However, because Oscar had fallen asleep and I didn't want him to wake up as soon as we got home, I popped to the shops with him and then went on another walk for about an hour to keep him asleep. I have been working at upping my daily steps and I certainly did it on Saturday! 

We had no plans for the afternoon because it wouldn't have been fair to leave the dog just after she'd arrived and so I cooked up some food to freeze for Oscar, sorted through his drawers to upgrade the 6-9month clothes to 12-18months ((sobs)) and cooked a lasagne. Meanwhile, the other half was busy keeping watch and playing with the boys! 

Sunday came around super fast and as the dog needs a good hour walk a day, we all got up, got ready and took her over the nearby country park. We took her for a lovely walk which mostly featured her and Zach running like loons as we seemed to be following the 5k run route which Zach was 'training' for! 

We headed on home, Oscar was fast asleep and we were due to be at my mum's at midday for lunch. Why is it that when we don't want him to wake up and we make the slightest bit of noise, he does wake up; but when we make loads of noise on purpose, he just carries on sleeping! 

It wasn't too bad because it enabled the other half to clean the rabbit out and for me to hang the washing out, but it turned out that we had to wake him up and put him straight in the car which is something I never want to do because of his previous car issues. It turned out absolutely fine and he happily sat there dancing to the music that was on.

We arrived at my mum's and shortly afterwards, so did my sister and her family. We all had a lovely lunch (which featured sausage rolls, chicken drumsticks and fresh baguettes!) and a chat and then at about 3pm they headed off to the cinema (the other half was supposed to go too but it kind of all went wrong with the timing and Zach wanting him to stay with him) and then at just before 4pm, we headed off home too.

Oscar had a small nap, woke up miserable and then it was a countdown to bedtime! 

A simple weekend but as always, a busy one!  

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