Our weekend happy – Christmas trees, baubles and dinner with Nannie!

I should mention here that there should have been more Christmassy photos within this post but I managed to delete all of my photos from my phone, thus we are left with what there is below! And the featured photo should have been way more interesting than the bauble photo, but the others wouldn’t work properly! Anyways, onto our weekend happy!

We have had the same Christmas tree for years. In fact, the other half has had it even longer because it was given to him by his parents. It was their tree when they were growing up and when he moved out and in with his mates, it went with him. Then we moved in together and it came with with him and we have been using it ever since. So, to say it is ancient has some history would be an understatement.

We have wanted a new tree for ages and every year we have had a little look and have just never gotten around to actually buying one. The other half is quite fussy, we didn’t want anything that looked cheap, and the ones we liked all came with a hefty price tag that we couldn’t justify spending at Christmas time. And we never ever managed to find any in the post-Christmas sales!

This weekend, we decided to head to the nearby garden centre, Van Hage’s. We weren’t specifically looking at trees, we were pretty much going so that the boys could see all the Christmas delights that they put on every year, but obviously whilst we were there, we thought we would have a gander – especially as it was Black Friday time and so maybe, just maybe we could grab a bargain!

Zach was super excited to go, Oscar screamed the whole way there because the sun was in his eyes, but we made it nice and quickly thanks to us getting up and out of the house nice and early (the pre-Christmas traffic makes me not want to leave the house!).

In we went and headed straight to the Christmas tree section. We spoke to a member of staff who explained everything (they had loads) and we had a look around them, much to a whinging Zach’s annoyance. He was begging us to go and see if the miniature railway was open and so we gave in and headed over there. It was open and so we all went on it to get it out of the way!

Once that was over, we went back inside (managing to bypass the well hidden Santa’s Grotto (we are going to see Santa next weekend somewhere else), as it was blooming freezing! We wandered around all the Christmas settings that they display and then found ourselves back at the trees – and we spotted their big Black Friday deal. We ummed and ahhed over it for about a minute before we decided to do it – and we bought our first ever family Christmas tree. It felt so special, especially now that we have both of our boys (and most likely won’t have anymore children) who were there with us when we bought it. It will be the tree that they see every year, the one that help decorate, the one that will be our family tree, brought out of the loft for years to come.

Knowing it wouldn’t fit in the car, we had to order it for delivery and it should be arriving on Thursday, perfect timing for putting up next weekend 🙂

Once we were done with that, we went and had some lunch. The cafe costs a fortune there so we had taken sandwiches with us but we did buy some drinks, and I of course had a nice hot chocolate (it was freezing after all!). Oscar was asleep which made things a bit easier and he woke up at the end of our lunch.

We then headed back into the main shopping section and started to look at the tree decorations. We have a massive mismatch of decorations and so because we are getting a lovely new tree, we decided that we would get some fab new decorations. We went for a red/white/silver/blue selection and then bought a selection of prettily designed ones to dot around. Again, some of this was on sale and so we managed to get a bit of a bargain.


Once we were done with that, it was time to go home – via the carousel. We had been there for hours and had a really lovely time – it certainly got us in the Christmas spirit.


Back home, Zach was tired so he spent some time on the iPad, Oscar had a play and we got on with dinner before it was time for the boys bed!

Sunday was a pretty restful day. The other half popped over to the shops with the boys (timed perfectly for Oscar’s nap), whilst I drove down the road to Pets At Home to stock up on all of the stuff we need for the rabbit. We then met up at Homebase as we were still looking for a tree topper but still haven’t managed to find one that we like. We then went home, had some lunch and then Oscar woke up as I was about to sit and eat mine – and for the first time in 3 days, (not nights of course, just the daytimes) he demanded a breastfeed. Typical!

We had invited my Mum round for dinner because when she comes over on a Friday, it means she only gets to see Zach for about 40 minutes after school and they miss each other! She was due round at about 3pm and the boys were waiting by the window looking for her. Well, I say the boys were, Oscar had no idea what he was looking out the window for but as Zach was up there, he wanted in on the action too!


Mum arrived, the boys were excited and then the afternoon was a mixture of everyone having fun and me screaming at Zach because for some reason, whenever we have company he decides to be completely hyper and a little bit naughty (mainly ignoring everything I say and being overly loud and raucous!).

The other half cooked us all a yummy roast (I’ve taught him well!), and then the boys had a bath, went to bed and we all chilled out in front of X Factor before Mum went home. I then did a tiny bit of work and then it was time for bed!

It was a lovely weekend and one which made the boys very happy!

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