Our weekend happy – fire engines, Aunt Coo’s & yummy food!

We kept the weekend pretty simple to be honest. With Zach starting school on Monday morning, I didn't think it was a good idea to try and cram things into the weekend, making it busy and tiring for him when he had such a big week ahead.

There were still a couple of things I needed to pick up for him so our first port of call on Saturday morning was to M&S. Of course, we did that thing where we came out with more than what we went in for! First up, there was a leather jacket. I have wanted one for ages and it was love at first sight. The other half made me try it on, said it looked fab and told me to buy it. I was well chuffed! It's tan in colour, is really soft leather and is super comfy. I just need to figure out how to wear it as it's a short one and I have quite a lot of longer tops!

We then went to the shool uniform section where we were initially supposed to go before getting distracted, and picked up his PE shorts and some socks before we were dragged to the toilets by Zach for a wee. Whilst we were busy dealing with that, the other half was perusing the aisles where he found a gorgeous photo frame that we ended up buying! We have been wanting one for ages for some professional photos we had taken when Zach was a baby! I tell you, going into M&S is a really easy way to spend £100 when you were only supposed to be spending a tenner!

After that small (but expensive) shopping trip, we headed down to the local fire station for their open day. Unfortunately, all Zach was interested in was the ride, the bouncy castle, the ice cream van and the hotdogs!

He did eventually get involved in some of the on the ground stuff! 

Of course, myself and Oscar were much more fun and we climbed up into the engine!

And then, in order to get out, a nice fireman kindly took Oscar from me and then posed for a photo! 

We then watched the fire ladder (that's not the technical name!) go up in the air and the firemen parachute down some teddy bears! 

Once we got home, we chilled out for a while before it was time to cook everyone's favourite dish of mine…a homemade lasagne! Then, bedtime for the boys and X Factor for me! 

Sunday was once again a fairly easy day. We had booked to go and view the edited photos from our recent photoshoot and had planned to leave Zach with my sister as he would be bored while we ummed and ahhed over the shots! Oscar had to come with us because he is slightly attached to me although as it turned out, we probably could have done an experiment in leaving him for an hour and a half! Luckily, they had toys in the viewing room!

The photos were utterly amazing and we took ages to decide what ones to buy. We ended up spending way more money than we should have done but are going to have an amazing set of photos of us, the boys, and all of us. No more photoshoots for a while though! 

Back at my sister's afterwards, we had some lunch, had a catch up and then headed for home via a stop off at Pets at Home to get some supplies for the rabbit. Once home, I had a bit of a cleaning marathon because Zach's teacher would be coming over on the Monday and then I cleaned the rabbit out (exciting stuff!) and then cooked a roast. Then again, the boys went to bed, I ironed Zach's school uniform and settled down on the sofa with the laptop and X Factor.

All in all, it was a pretty boring weekend but it was important that we kept it simple. And we did still manage to have some fun! 

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