There’s always a place for cords! #CorduroyComeback

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Now, I am not exactly the fashionista of bloggers – there are far more qualified people out there to write about the topic. Most days you will find me in a hoodie, my trusty jeggings and my fluffy boots. And if it’s raining, my more trusty winter boots! But, sometimes there are things that catch my eye, whether it is for me or my children (or indeed the other half, although quite often I leave his clothes purchasing to him!).


It almost feels as if it has the reputation of being like marmite. You pretty much either love it or hate it. It is a fashion that has come and gone many times over the years since its first production in the 12th century (can you believe it is that old?!).

And apparently, it is back.

Yep, this Autumn/Winter, cords are back and raring to go.

It has been featured up and down the catwalks and you only have to have a quick Google to see articles like this one in the Telegraph, telling us that is the big new trend!

Corduroy has a reputation for being a bit nerdy, a bit unfashionable, but if you look at this fab infographic that the team at Chums have put together for their #CorduroyComeback campaign, you can see just how it has trended over the years!


I have had a number of corduroy items in my wardrobe over the years and a particular favourite was my chocolate brown, full length cord coat. It was super warm, really flattering in shape and got worn all of the time!

And the boys have definitely been dressed in corduroy dungarees before now, and Zach had the most delicious little cord jacket when he was a baby. Excuse the bad quality photo of five years ago!

But thinking of the fashion for this year, I wonder how I would incorporate it into my wardrobe?

I have been looking for a nice winter hat and so maybe I could investigate a cord one rather than a woolly one like I was going to go for. I like this one in grey (I love grey!).

Or even better, I can incorporate it into the boys fashion with these gorgeous dungarees for Oscar!

Photo courtesy of Jojo Maman Bebe

And to get in line with the #twinning that is oh so cute, these lovely trousers for Zach! They almost match right?!

Photo courtesy of JoJo Maman Bebe

I definitely think the boys can pull off any type of fabric better than I can, although I do reckon I could rock that hat and possibly a nice fitted jacket if I can find one!

So tell me, are you a corduroy fan and will you be pulling anything out of the wardrobe for its return this season?

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