3 simple ways to help banish back pain

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As I am getting older (I’m almost 36 you know!), I’m noticing that parts of my back aren’t functioning the way they used to. I notice that if I hunch over something, for example eating lunch on a bench, and then I try and stand up; it takes me longer to be able to make myself completely upright.

If I sit on the floor playing with the boys, my bum goes numb and my lower back gets achey.

And when I was pregnant with both of my boys, I found sitting at my work desk unbearable at times.

I think my back is something that I take for granted. Something that I assume will keep on going and serve me well. But really, it is something that needs looking after, and so here are a few ways to do so.

Correct your posture

If you spend long periods of time sitting down or standing each day, it’s essential to ensure that your posture is correct. If your spine isn’t straight, this can increase pressure on the muscles surrounding the bone tissue, causing you to experience pain. When you’re sitting at a desk, the screen should be level with your eye line, and you should be able to reach the keyboard without straining or bending forwards. Your spine should be straight, and your shoulders relaxed. If you’re hunched over, this is a surefire sign that your posture needs work. I used to work with someone who was always hunched over their laptop and she always looked so uncomfortable. I work on my laptop every day but always try to make sure I have support behind my back.

On the other side of the coin, if you stand for hours on a regular basis, for example, if you’re a dentist or a hairdresser, try and adjust the height of the chair to ensure that you’re comfortable and you’re not stooping to reach the client. If your posture is poor and you’re struggling to overcome old habits, you could try wearing a support to straighten your back while you work.

Switch your mattress

Choosing the right mattress is beneficial for everyone, but it’s particularly important to make the right call if you have back pain. A good mattress can make all the difference to sufferers, while the wrong bed can exacerbate symptoms. Your mattress should provide support for your spine while you sleep. If you haven’t changed your bed in years or you find it hard to get comfortable, take a look at https://mattressguides.net and read some reviews to find mattresses that are specially designed to ease chronic back pain. It’s well worth taking a trip to a showroom to try beds for size and see how your back feels while you’re lying down.


Exercise offers a multitude of benefits for your physical and mental health. If you have back pain, you need to be careful about what kinds of activities you undertake, but if you make the right choices, you should find that working out strengthens your muscles and conditions your body to reduce the risk of injury and ease pain. Exercises that are suitable for most people who suffer from back pain include yoga, Pilates, and swimming. If you have questions about which exercises are safe, or you need help with training, it’s advisable to ask your doctor or to work with a qualified personal trainer.

Whether you do or don’t suffer from back pain, all three of these steps are something we should probably all do to either prevent it or make sure that it doesn’t develop into something serious. And of course, if you are a sufferer then don’t suffer in silence and seek advice from your doctor – there may be something that can be done for you.

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