#AutumnStrolls – keeping active in the colder months

This is a collaborative post

When Fenetic Wellbeing got in touch to see if I wanted to collaborate with them on their #AutumnStrolls campaign, to talk about the benefits of keeping active in the autumn and winter seasons as a way of beating the winter blues, I knew I had a whole blog post within me that would be perfect!

Fenetic Wellbeing think that autumn strolls can be an activity for all the family, a great time for bonding, a bit of exercise and a chance to take in some of the beauty spots that feature around us everywhere.

Now, it’s no secret that I like to treat myself regularly every now and then to a biccie, a cake or a hot chocolate covered in whipped cream and marshmallows! It’s also no secret that despite my terrible lack of willpower when it comes to all of those three things, I am forever looking in the mirror and thinking that I really should calm down on them.

Breastfeeding, keeping up with a one and five year old, and the school run have really helped me to slim down and I am pretty content with the way I look at the moment (although I totally need to start toning it all up at some point!).

That said, with the colder months coming – the wind, the rain and the snow (yeah right!), it’s a lot harder to keep the weight down; to be motivated to move lots instead of sitting on the sofa under a big blanket with a cup of tea and one of those choccy biccies that I mentioned above! It’s really easy to get into a bad habit and it can leave you feeling, well, a bit pants about yourself.

I absolutely love going out for walks. I have mentioned many a time that we are so lucky to live a five minute walk to a wonderful country park. And another five minute walk to a slightly smaller, but equally as gorgeous one. If you turn right out of our house you reach one and if you turn left you reach the other one. Who wouldn’t want that countryside within such easy reach?


There is something so special about Autumn walks and I have been loving wandering through the parks and seeing all of the beautiful reds and yellows and oranges and browns.And the best thing about having a five year old, is showing him the wonders of leaf kicking. Even as an adult, there is something so exhilarating about running through a pile of leaves and kicking them all in the air!

One of the things we love to do, is get the family over and head over to the country park to have some outdoors fun. The in-law’s have a a very energetic (well, until she’s had her walk and then recovers by sleeping for the rest of the day!) Staffie and Zach loves nothing more than walking her round the park, watching her splash into the pond, get excited by squirrels or run through muddy puddles! And it’s a lovely bonding time for him and his Grandad in particular. Zach’s Nanny has some mobility issues that mean she has trouble walking without an aid and so quite often, she’ll stay indoors and put the kettle on for our return. Other times, when she is feeling a bit perkier, she’ll join us!


Getting out and about is so important, particularly when you have kids. Cabin fever can so very quickly set in and I don’t know about you, but my boys go a bit crazy if they don’t get outdoors time. Quite often on a Saturday and Sunday, you will find us out walking, getting Zach to let off some steam, to use up some energy instead of having him bounding around the house! And with Oscar currently doing fabulous naps in his pram, I am getting my fair share of Autumn strolls into my weekdays too!


So come rain or shine, I’ll be continuing to enjoy my strolls throughout the two colder seasons. And hopefully, it’ll help me to be able to keep eating those yummy treats that really do make my day!

Written in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing

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