#Blogtober day 11 – Kitchen

The day 11 prompt for #Blogtober17 is kitchen!

We have a rather small kitchen. It is longish and thin and whilst it actually has ample storage within, we would absolutely love a bigger one. I remember when we first moved in, everything looked fresh as a daisy but three years on, it's all starting to look a little tired – although I do still love the tiling.

Getting an extension is something we have briefly discussed although it certainly woudn't happen any time soon – especially with me having not gone back to the previous day job! 

I watched the lovely Donna from What The Redhead Said go through her dream extension and well, if you haven't see the finished build and her amazing kitchen, then you really should go check it out

Donna's new kitchen is pretty much my absolute dream and I know when I showed it to the other half, he was equally impressed. 

Our current kitchen is already an extension. Our house is very old – built around 1900 – and the kitchen would have been added at some point over the years, along with the bathroom which is downstairs just beyond it.

We have lengthy discussions about what we would do and sometimes we even stand out in the garden attempting to visualise it.

The plan would be to knock the main kitchen wall down along with the dining room wall and just make the whole thing into a larger and more versatile space. I am not sure that it would allow us space for an island, but it would give us a larger area where we could easily entertain, and where the dining table would be a more permanent fixture than it is now (does anyone else have to move their table away from the wall at family dinner times?). 

We would then have some French doors leading out onto the garden, some skylights in the ceiling to make the room brighter, and of course, some lovely new kitchen cupboards.

I thought I'd have a little look to see what dream kitchens there are out there, but ones that are doable too. There is no point in lusting too much after something we can't have right?! 

I love the black and white tiling here and I think the cupboards are gorgeous. As for that hob…luuuush!

Equally, I really like the wood effect in this. I know the other half is a fan of wood and I really like the colour of this one.

Finally, this is just gorgeous (ok this is totes beyond the realm but I might as well have one to totally lust after!). Look at that blue island. And how bright and fresh the whole room is. Love it! 

So there we are. Some dream kitchens for me to pass onto the other half for future reference. Maybe one day we will be able to add one to our house! Or maybe we'll just move to a house with one already done for us! 


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