Creating a positive study environment for kids

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One of the things that I am conscious of as Zach gets older, is the need for some peace when it comes to studying. Even now when it comes to doing his homework or practising his reading, it’s an absolute nightmare because Oscar is in his face trying to join in. I mentioned in my back to school post that I am really going to try and make more effort to sit down and read with Zach after school, but it really doesn’t prove easy in reality!

As he gets older though, he’s going to need somewhere that he can escape to, where he can fully concentrate without his little brother distracting him. We will soon be putting the boys beds together as bunk beds and that will create more space in their room for bigger wardrobes and a desk. There are several main factors to creating a great study area though, so here are some that you might like to consider if or when you are the same boat.




Just like buying a house, location is everything. You need to find a place for them which is both quiet and free of distractions. If you don’t have a spare room for them or space in their own bedroom, a corner of another one will do. Even a seat at the dining room table is good enough – as long as you can offer it to them on a consistent basis!



Next up, you need to think about what sort of furnishings will work well in their study area. A chair and a desk are top priority, but decent home study areas also need good lighting, shelves, storage spaces etc. Ultimately, you need to do your best to make sure that they are comfortable, but still able to work as well.



A computer is an obvious one, but many people find that working from laptops is the convenient option these days. You should also make sure that they have all the right school books, pens, pencils, paper etc. Ultimately, they should have everything they need to make their learning as smooth and uninterrupted as possible.



Some kids tend to work better if they have some music to listen to while they are working, so you could provide them with a speaker system. It is also not a good thing if they are constantly working with no breaks, so you could work alongside them to devise a realistic study plan. You may need to remove certain distractions from the room such as their phone during their study hours.


Encouraging Decoration

The way that you design the study area can end up making a big difference to the motivation levels of your child, so consider the colour of the wall, putting up some motivational posters, study charts etc. You should also consider how much natural light is allowed to flow into the space as this can make a big difference when it comes to improving concentration levels. Readjusting the furniture so that the desk is next to the window can really make all the difference.


By creating a positive study environment for your kids, you help them out in their learning journey. Follow the above steps, and you can create the kind of workspace that your kids will keep on using for years to come.

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