Creating a stylish bathroom on a budget

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There are jobs that need doing round the house that seem small. And there are jobs that need doing round the house that seem mahoosive. Putting the odd picture up, updating the soft furnishings and popping down a rug to make the front room cosier are all jobs that are relatively easy and relatively cheap. But when it comes to updating things like the bathroom – well, we all think that it’s a huge task and an expensive one. But in reality, it doesn’t have to take thousands of pounds and a whole heap of upheaval to create a stylish bathroom on a budget.

Here are a few ways that you can spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank – and if you are still completely stuck then you could check out Harrogate Bathrooms for a little inspiration on stylish and affordable bathroom design.



Update the tiles

This is something I am desperate to do in our bathroom but we never seem to get around to it. Tiles don’t have to be expensive and if you are really cutting back on the budget, they can even be done by your good selves. We have friends that have done their own tiling and they did a sterling job. It’s always in my mind that we could totally do it ourselves – although it may have been a little easier pre-kids!


Get a new floor

Sounds like a big job right? And it might be if you have a super big bathroom. But in most bathrooms, simply updating the floor really isn’t that big a task by itself. With either a few new tiles laid down, or a new bit of lino – you’ll be walking on a fabulously fresh and new floor in no time!


Grab some new fluffy bits

New towels and fluffy floor mats can really make a drab bathroom look trendy. Go for a nice bold colour that stands out, make sure they are super fluffy, and you have immediately transformed your bathroom.



Pop a mirror up

If you have a spare bit of wall, why not grab yourself a fancy new mirror? I love the ones that have lights attached to them, specifically when you just have to wave your hand underneath them and it pops on! They look really classy, really stylish, and don’t have to come with a huge price tag.


Give it a good clean

If you have no budget at all and no time at all to do any of the above, you could just give it a good deep clean. Get a toothbrush and bleach in between those tiles. Give the taps and shower head a spray with some Viakil (totally changed my life that stuff). Use the same stuff on your shower screen (honestly, it’s blooming awesome). And give your ceiling a good wipe over too – especially if it suffers from damp. I can’t tell you how much better I feel about my bathroom when I’ve given it a blooming good deep clean!



The bathroom is definitely something that I want to fully upgrade in the future, but with a wedding to pay for in a year and half (eeeek), it’s not exactly high priority right now. I am always tempted to do all of the above though, just to make it feel a bit newer, a bit fresher, and a bit more stylish.


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