Don’t know where to start with your next home upgrade project? Try the front!

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Making the home look nice for the family is a priority shared by all homeowners. However, locating the perfect place to start can feel like a minefield. Until now. Adding kerb appeal is the ideal solution.

Attending to the external parts of the property will enhance your mood each time you approach it. It’ll also make your home the envy of your neighbours. In truth though, aesthetics are just the start. Here’s what you can do to unlock the full potential of the property.

Improve the insulation

Home insulation is hugely influential to the running costs of your property as well as the health of your family. Therefore, this is the perfect starting point for your kerb appeal upgrades.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways, but opting for double glazed windows and better roof insulation is the winning combo. This is also the perfect opportunity to check that the guttering and the walls are in excellent condition.

You’ll be a lot happier inside the home, while those upgrades will naturally improve the aesthetic too. This should give you a far more significant platform for success.

Focus on the entrance

A warm welcome will typically put you in a better mood as you enter the home, which makes it the perfect spot for an upgrade. Not least because a few simple changes will make a world of difference.

The entrance has the potential to make a huge statement, and oak front doors are the ideal way to do it. The timeless classic can bring a sense of grandeur unlike any other material. When flanked by stylish door number signs and a mailbox, the desired appeal is guaranteed.

Building a cover over the front door and front step can be useful too but is far from an essential feature.

Boost the security

You’ll never enjoy the home unless it leaves you feeling safe and secure. After all, it’s impossible to fully relax if the family and its possession are in constant danger.

Boosting the security from the external areas needn’t be too challenging. Alarm systems and CCTV should serve as great deterrents. Motion-detecting lights and effective gate locks will further boost the security and integrity of the home.

Protecting it from the weather may also be required, but keeping intruders at bay will always be the primary aim.

Embrace nature

A little natural beauty can make a massive impact on the external parts of your property. Hanging baskets are a great option that require minimal maintenance. But other features should be considered.


Hedges and grass can be used to great effect but must be kept tidy with a cutter. Otherwise, an overgrown front lawn will soon ruin any success that has been gained elsewhere. Of course, the pathway and driveway are likely to use other materials, but keeping a natural vibe should help.

A wooden fence or gate to the back garden may feel like a small investment, but it could provide the final touches. With the outside areas perfected, you can move on to the internal areas.

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