Future decor plans for the boys’ bedroom now they are sharing

This is a collaborative post

We moved into our house when Zach was almost 19 months old – pretty much the same age as Oscar is now. One of the first things we did was decorate his room. We were so excited about him finally having his own bedroom so it was a really big thing for us.

When we lived in our previous one bed flat, we hadn’t had the joy of being able to decorate a nursery and so this was our first chance at being able to do a children’s bedroom. And do it we did.

First up, we spent a weekend painting it blue. And then the other half spent months painting the Ra-Ra characters on the wall (Zach’s favourite programme at the time). And finally, we hit IKEA and decked it out with the coolest wardrobes ever! We were so chuffed with it and Zach has always loved it – especially Daddy’s masterpiece on his wall.

Just recently though, I have been thinking that maybe it is a bit too babyish for him. I mean, I can’t remember the last time he watched Ra-Ra, and he’s going to be turning six this year – he’s more into Spiderman these days (not that he actually watches it but he loves him!). It complicates matters slightly that Oscar has now moved into Zach’s room, so now it is their room and of course, Oscar is a huge fan of the artwork on the wall – just as Zach was at his age.

Eventually though, we will change the room. The paint needs a freshen up anyway and at some point, the beds will be made into bunks to allow for more furniture to house both of their clothes. And that furniture would probably end up covering the whole of Ra-Ra up anyway.

When the time comes, it’ll be fun to decorate again. It’ll very much be a decision for the boys to have alongside us as to how they want their room decorated, rather than it just being our decision like it was the first time.

I should imagine that we will completely repaint the walls in a shade of their choosing (I can see the arguments now, they are both so ruddy stubborn), and I will probably opt for some blackout roller blinds¬†rather than curtains next time. There is something far more child-like about blinds, the designs are always funkier than curtains and they always feel a bit tidier. I love blinds but don’t actually have any in the house as yet!

I also hope to be able to re-carpet their room. It is the one thing we didn’t actually do when we decorated the first time but I know next time it’ll need doing. The current carpet is beige and gets dirty so easily. I’m thinking some kind of stripy carpet, or a bolder colour. Of course, it will depend on what colour they want the walls!

And then the final thing we will need to do is upgrade their wardrobes to bigger ones. We bought small wardrobes so that Zach would have easy access to his clothes but it turns out, boys don’t really care about that sort of thing anyway! Floor to ceiling wardrobes will be the way we go to make sure that we use the space wisely.

It’s quite exciting to think that sometime in the near(ish) future, they will get to have a whole new bedroom that they have sort of chosen. Although it’s going to be a sure fire sign that my boys are growing up!

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