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Working from home is still a relatively new concept in the modern day and age. You won’t meet a lot of people who claim to do so, and there’s a lot of debate over whether or not it’s better than having a workplace environment around you. But that doesn’t change the fact that your environment is going to affect just how much work you get done in a day, and working from home is one of the best ways to customise this!

Are you someone who loves your job of being able to sit in your own office, entirely personalised your way, with no one else around disturbing your train of thought when you get into a good flow? Then now’s the time to truly celebrate your ability to work from home with a proper home or room design fitted around you and your productivity needs! After all, a lot of people can give up what seems like a stable job to be able to work on their own terms, and having it pay off is something you deserve to show off!

It’s incredibly picturesque, but is it effective? 



A proper desk and chair

Probably one of the most important things that you can do for yourself when working from home, is supply yourself with a desk and a chair. So often it’s thought that one of the benefits to being a home worker is that you get to lounge around on the sofa all day with a laptop on your lap.  In reality though, it’s not only really uncomfortable, but also really bad for your body. You are likely to end up with a bad back or dodgy neck if you regularly sit working from the sofa, so spending just a little bit of money on a desk and a computer chair should be top of your working from home list.


A good traffic flow

Traffic happens just as much within the office as it did on the noisy street outside your window when you still worked for a company, and because of this, you need to get a handle on what the flow of the office tends to look like. Where do you reach the most? What do you reach for? Is the doorway clear enough for you to take breaks whenever you need to? Is there any equipment clogging the path up?

These are all quite serious questions you need to take into account for your office design, especially if you’re someone who’s been worried about your productivity slipping over the past few months. You want your resources near to you, you want to be able to take a break whenever you need one, and you want to feel light enough to come back to your desk afterwards.


Plenty of Light

Light is something your brain needs to function. You can’t work in the dark for obvious reasons, but even with some artificial lighting from lamps both standing and overhead, you’re going to find it a struggle. So now’s your chance to make sure you’ve got clean and clear windows that let all that precious natural light in, and that you don’t have any blinds covering them when you’re yawning away, fresh up to work in the morning.

Companies like Contemporary Architects can help you out with finding the best way to maximise on your limited sun exposure, but you can just try moving the desk you work at nearer to the window. Light keeps us awake and tells us we need to get moving on with the day, and it’s going to keep you quipping at your desk for the next few hours at least!


Working from home can be an amazing opportunity, but making sure you give yourself the correct design features really needs to be thought out before you jump into it.

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