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I think I forget that we have been living in our house for almost five years now. It never feels like it’s been that long but then sometimes I look around at all the things that are starting to look like they could do with being updated, and remember that we’ve been here since 2014 and that the majority of the house decor was put in by the previous, previous owners (yep – two owners ago).

One of the things that we fell in love with when we originally viewed the house was the downstairs flooring. We came from a rented flat that had a sort of creamy brown carpet up the hallway, and lino in the kitchen and bathroom – definitely something I would not have picked myself.

So when we walked into our current house and saw the most gorgeous laminate flooring throughout the whole downstairs, we were super chuffed. One, because it was in such good condition and it looked like it had only just been laid down. And two, because we knew it would be so much easier to clean with children around.


Solid Wooden Flooring


And it was. And it has been wonderful. But it’s getting a bit tatty now.

It’s been puked on, wee’d on, and had multiple amounts of food and drink spilt on it. It’s got scratches from where we have moved furniture around, and now between some of the slats of wood there are gaps where they have been gradually moving (and never more so than when I’m doing my exercise or the boys are jumping around the place). All in all, it’s safe to say that it’s not the beautiful laminate that it was when we first moved in.


And so it is definitely one of the parts of the house that is on my mental ‘update’ list. I can see my other half rolling his eyes as he reads this – another thing she wants doing in the house! But I can’t help but have this little internal list of improvements that I would like to happen. We haven’t really done a huge amount to the house in the time that we have lived in it – but there is plenty that I want to do!


Solid Wooden Flooring


I have been to a few houses just recently that have really gorgeous wooden flooring and it’s made me realise that I far prefer it over the laminate that we currently have. I guess with ours, you can tell it’s not real – it shines too much! So I love the idea of having solid wooden flooring like the range that’s available at Lifestyle Flooring. And because it comes with an expected lifetime of over 100 years, it feels like it’s worth spending a bit more money on rather than just getting a different shade of what we currently have.


New flooring is of course, not at the top of the agenda. There is other stuff that needs doing around the house before we do anything like updating the downstairs flooring (I am desperate to paint the front room/dining room), but I definitely have in mind what I would like to update it with when the time does eventually come around.


This is an advertisement feature with Lifestyle Flooring.

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