Making our garden safer for a toddler

This is a collaborative post

I have been looking around at our garden in the last couple of weeks and now that Oscar is a fully fledged toddler who is walking and running around, I have spotted a few things that need to be sorted out. It’s not that our garden is particularly unsafe, but it’s not until you have someone on their feet who is just learning everything for the first time, that you realise that maybe it’s not as safe as you once thought it was. Just like we tend to toddler proof our houses, it’s pretty important to toddler proof the garden too.

We have three sections to our garden. As you walk out of the kitchen door there is a large patio area and then you have to go up a quite a large long step that leads onto the grass area, flower beds and path. The path then leads up to an archway and trellis, which leads through to a pebbled area where the shed is housed. It’s funny – I think after four years of living here, I probably take our garden for granted, but writing it down as a description makes me realise how lucky we are to have such a lovely one. We only live in a 2 bed house but it just happens to have a pretty decent sized garden with it.

When we moved in, Zach was only 19 months old- the same age as Oscar is now. It was completely overgrown and we made it as safe for him as could be. Four years later though, other things have come along that we really need to sort out.

The first thing is the step. There are paving slabs that are completely broken, leaving huge holes for little legs to fall down and hurt himself. Originally it was only one slab that had cracked a bit, whereas now it’s a massive hazard. It is number one priority and in fact, since the weather should hopefully be nice-ish this weekend, I might mention it to the other half to finally get it done.

The step also has a bit of a gap on the other side of it, where it’s higher up than the top of the grass. With Oscar running around, we need to make sure that we keep on top of the grass cutting and remembering to always use the electric strimmer round the edges so that he can see where that gap is. This should prevent him from tripping over the edge of the step and flying onto the floor. Hopefully – we all know toddlers aren’t renowned for watching where they are going!

The next thing we need to do is somehow sort the grass area out. The soil is really uneven and there is an animal that keeps digging holes in the lawn! Every year we keep meaning to try and level it out somehow, or put extra soil down and then plant some grass seeds to try and help it along a bit, but it’s a job we never seem to get around to doing. To be honest, part of me is tempted to rip it all up and put some artificial grass down. It would be much easier to look after!

The final thing that we need to do (that is glaringly obvious anyway), is to sort the outside wall of the bathroom. There used to be a wooden sort of seat/hideaway so that you couldn’t see the pipes and wires that were down there. The problem was that the wood had completely rotted and it was a massive hazard. The other half ripped it all up and got rid of it, but now we are back to having exposed pipes and wires – along with a random plank of wood trying to conceal some of it. We really want to either get something that we just have to put together to cover it up, or to maybe create a new version of what used to be there. That’s a much bigger job though!

Like I said before, the garden is relatively safe, especially as Oscar has mastered the step really quickly – the thing I was most worried about. There are these few things though, that make it a bit risky, and I would much prefer to know that he (and Zach to be honest), are running around without needing to be careful of these small hazards.

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