How to redecorate your family home on a budget

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With Spring on the horizon, it always feels like a perfect time to rip out old furnishings and give the house a new lease of life. With two kids running around the place and finances unable to allow us to decorate the whole house in one go, it’s usually little bits here and there that get done over time. There are so many ways though, that new life can be added to the house without spending too much money or time. Here’s a few ideas for you 🙂 

Paint the walls

The easiest way to change the dynamic of your living space is to paint the walls a different colour. If you have plain coloured furnishings this can be easy and you will have a wealth of options to choose from: however if you do have a boldly coloured sofa or lamp, you will need to pick a colour which will complement this. You can take a look through some interior design magazines and try out a few different colours with sample pots before picking the one for you. It will be fun, it will only take the weekend and will make your home feel brand new.


If you want to just buy a couple of new items for the room such as oak furniture from, you can add a new design to the room by rearranging the space. Let’s say you want to add a large bookshelf to the living room; you may need to move the TV, sofa and table around to accommodate for it, but this can be a great benefit because it gives you the perfect excuse to make your room feel different and fresh. The bonus is that it won’t cost you a penny to rearrange your furniture!

Get the lighting right

Lighting is one of the most impacting features of your design, even if you don’t think so during the day time. Think about the kind of atmosphere you want in your room in the evenings and how this will fit with the theme of the room. Pick light bulbs which will invoke the right feel for the space. For example you might prefer cold white because it feels fresh and pure, or you may prefer warm white for a cosier feel. However, you can also have some fun with this if you love technology and choose lights which change colour. The Philips Hue lights will link up with your phone and even your TV, and you can set them to change colour according to what movie you are currently watching. It can be a fun way to spruce up your home and bring it into the 21st century.

New Cushions

If you don’t want to spend hundreds on a new sofa suite for your living room, you can instead make a tired sofa seem new and bright with some cushions. Cushions come in all sizes, shapes and colours so you can be as bold or as reserved as you like. They will add some colour to the room, depth to your design and also hide a worn out sofa when people come to visit you. It’s the perfect way to update the space without spending a ton of cash.

Pimp your bed

If you feel as if the wall behind your bed is looking pretty boring and plain, you can have some fun with your design and make your own headboard to place behind you as you sleep. All you will need is some MDF, a staple gun and coloured fabric to create an eye catching features which will likely make your bedroom look and feel more expensive. You can find a DIY headboard tutorial on Pinterest. It will be a fun afternoon craft which can add new life to your bedroom.

Adding space with mirrors

If you have a fairly small living space to work with, the best piece of furniture you can add to the space is a large mirror. Try to avoid mirrors with wooden frames and stick to ones which have either mirrored frames, or thin metal ones. They can reflect light from the outside into your home making it feel much brighter, more inviting and much bigger in mere seconds. You can even make an art feature out of your mirrors by finding a few different sizes and shapes, and creating a collage on some blank wall space. It will give your home a sense of fun, quirkiness and charm.


If you have an old piece of furniture which works perfectly fine but looks a little drab, don’t throw it away. You can easily makeover any piece of furniture if you take a little time and patience to do so. For example, if you had a chair which is covered in an old style floral print, you can buy material in a modern pattern and staple gun it over the chair to add a new lease of life. If you have a dark wooden bookshelf, you could paint the whole thing white and then wallpaper the inside backs to add some interest and character. If you can think of a way to repurpose your old items, it will make a big difference to your home.

Ditch your curtains

The curtains vs blinds debate is one which can be challenging to solve: however if you have always had chunky curtains in your home, now is the time to make the switch. Blinds which are vertical are easy to wipe clean, they offer privacy, don’t take away your light, and take up much less room. You will no longer have these imposing pieces of fabric in the corner of the room, and this will make your living space feel much more open and spacious.

Make your own art

If you have children, or even if you don’t – a fun project for the weekend would be to create a piece of artwork for your walls. Why bother going out and buying an image from someone you don’t know when you can create a unique and personal piece of art yourself? The easiest type of art to create is a photograph. If you have taken a photo on holiday of a landscape, you can have it printed into a frame or canvas and hang it up. You could also get more creative and make some art using paints, thread and even using an old map to make a cute frame for the wall. You will be able to find lots of different ideas on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing and give you the inspiration you need to make some fun art. Let your creative side out and make something personal which your family will treasure forever.

Go big

The beauty of interior design is that often, the more dramatic a design is, the more effective it is too. If you want to try something a little new and more risky than you normally would, the perfect option is to hang up a huge clock, poster or piece of metal art. It will make a bold statement in your room and make your design skills look much more professional.

Use plants

If in doubt, add some plants! Plants can make the dullest corner of a room feel bright and vibrant, and they come in so many different varieties that you will always find a plant that fits your design and style. If you aren’t green fingered it can be a great idea to go for succulents such as a cactus or aloe Vera.

So there we go – a few ways to revamp your home with little effort and little cost.


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