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Today we meet the lovely Jen from Our Family Travel Adventures. Thanks so much for taking part Jen 🙂

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family
I was born and raised in California as was my husband Rich. We met at our University in Los Angeles. We have been married for 18 years and have 3 beautiful boys. Harrison is 14 and Aidan and Miles are 10 years old. In 2013, we sold our home and most of our possessions to travel the world and worldschool our boys.

So far, we have been to the UK, Ireland, much of Western Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize. Richard works online for a technology company. Last year, we started a small game design company with our boys. We are creating family games for tablets. Rich codes the games and the boys and I design them. It's been quite fun and we just released our first game, Hidden Islands.

What do you like doing to be you, when you are not parenting, working (if you do), or blogging? 
I love to travel, go to the beach, snorkel and take photos. I also love to play video games with my kids.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
I think raising 3 fantastic young men who are polite, kind and fun to talk to. I'm very proud to be their mom.

From your own experiences, what do you find the hardest part of parenting and what is the easiest/most rewarding part?
The lack of sleep has always been hard for me. When my twins were little I really didn't think that I would survive it. Now I think it's the worrying. Are they learning enough? Will they be ready when it's time to go off on their own.

Parenting in itself is no mean feat; how do you juggle everything you need to in order to get everything done on a daily basis?
I am very lucky to be married to a wonderful partner that shares all tasks. We both work from home and do everything together. Although, I must admit that he cooks most of our meals.

Why did you decide to start blogging?
When we first left for Europe in 2013, I started a private blog so our friends and family could follow us on our travels. It's grown from there.

Tell me a bit about your blog?
My blog is all about traveling around the world as a family. The cities that we have visited and the fun things that we have experienced. I also write reviews of our favorite resturants and places that we have stayed.

What do you want your blog to achieve and where do you hope to see it go as it grows?
I love helping families that would like to travel and worldschool but don't know how. I hope to dive deeper into the subject and to start an interveiw section where I interview world schoolers wiser than I.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a blog?
Just do it. I really have had to get over my fear of writing and putting myself out there. But it has turned out to be quite fun and I have met some amazing people by opening myself up. It's a lot of work but it is also very rewarding.

If you could have dinner with three people (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

1. Tina Fey because I think she is hilarious

2. John Oliver becuase he is the best thing that has ever happend to American TV

3. My dad who died a few years ago and was very funny

Tell me three random facts about you

1. I love to travel and fly all the time but I have a fear of flying

2. I love to snorkel but I'm terrified of sharks

3. We often travel with our 2 cats


You can find Jen over at and also on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

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