8 years with the other half – our love story!

Usually on a Monday morning, I have a new interview from my regular Mummascribbles meets series. Alas, I was wholly unorganised and I didn’t have any to schedule this week (must get some lined up!). But, I did instead have the perfect post to supply you with!

Today is our anniversary. Not a wedding anniversary – we are not yet married. But today does mark 8 years since we officially became a couple. 8 years since he became ‘the other half’! So I thought I would tell you the story of how we met, how we got together, and how we got to where we are now. You might not care of course, but at least I’ll have I’ll have it all written down for the future when I can no longer remember it all.

So, the story begins way back in 1999 when we were at college and in the same group of friends. Yes, this calculation does mean that we have actually known each other for almost twenty years! Shocking hey?!

Anyway, back then, he had quite the thing for me. I do believe that he thought I ‘was fit’ and I was very aware of his thoughts. At that time though, the feeling wasn’t mutual and after two years at college, we pretty much went our separate ways. He went into work, I went off to Uni, and we saw each other on the odd occasions at friends’ gatherings. It wasn’t until much later that he thought he would try to woo me. Which he tried on several occasions.

First up, he took me to dinner. I have to say, it was a really wonderful evening. We went to a Mexican restaurant, followed by cocktails in a bar. But even though we really did have a great time, I found it hard to see him as anything more than a friend after knowing him for so long. I was also in a bit of a bad place following my previous relationship and I didn’t really want to mess him around. And so we continued as friends.

The second time he tried to woo me was when he basically invited himself round for drinks! I was bored so I accepted and I told him outright that he shouldn’t be expecting anything more than a drink and a chat (he was totes still hoping for more haha!), and he came round and we had another really fab evening. But so determined I was, that nothing was going to happen – I sent him home in the snow!

And then came 2010. The year. We were at Glastonbury and I realised that I had fallen for him. I still had issues with the whole ‘I’ve known him since forever’ thing, but I had definitely realised that I should probably give it a go. And so, on one sunny afternoon after I had a few drinks, I went in for a kiss. Yep, I tried to kiss him. And you know what he did?


Oh. My. God.

I was mortified.

I stormed off in disbelief!

A little while later, we were together again and this time, he accepted the kiss, and that pretty much cemented the start of our relationship. We spent all our time together that weekend. I even slept in his tent (nothing happened!) when I’d had a row with the person I was sharing a tent with and had nowhere to sleep!

Once we were back home, we saw each other regularly. He worked just down the road from me and we would meet in Regents Park at lunchtime, and we would go for drinks down off Oxford Street on Friday nights and we even went to a couple of film premieres thanks to his then work! We spent several nights a week at each other’s places of residence and the relationship just grew and grew.

In April 2011, after just ten months of being in a relationship, we moved in together. And in July of the same year, whilst having a little weekend away in Canterbury, we decided that we would try for a baby towards the end of the year. I came off the pill in August 2011 in order to get my cycle back to some form of regularity and we were pregnant by the end of the year with our little Zachary – who arrived in September 2012.

The three of us lived in our tiny little rented flat in East London until Zach was 18 months old, and we then finally moved to our very first (and still current) own home in April 2014. A little two bedroom house in Hertfordshire.

At the end of 2015, we decided it was the right time to try for baby number two. We fell pregnant the first month of trying, and our little Oscar was born in September 2016.

And then, in January of this year, we decided to get engaged and are now planning our wedding which is booked for 2020.



I think I did pretty good making up for all those years of saying no, with everything moving so very fast in the end. But it all just felt right. We knew very quickly that we wanted to live together and we knew we wanted a family. I couldn’t have chosen a better partner, a better Daddy to my children. For some reason we work well together. And after eight years and two kids, I think I love him more than ever.

I know he will be reading this, so my final words are thank you. Thank you for still being interested in me after all those years of me saying no! Thank you for giving me our wonderful children (even though they can be complete pickles). Thank you for being the most supportive partner that I could wish for. Thank you for being the best Dad to our boys. Thank you for everything you do. And mostly – thank you for being you.

Happy anniversary – I love you.



  1. June 25, 2018 / 12:28 pm

    What a lovely little story and gorgeous family! Awh so sweet! Congrats on the 8 years and here’s to many many more ❤️

  2. June 25, 2018 / 1:13 pm

    Ah what a cute story. I love reading things like this. Funny how you can get back in touch isn’t it? I worked with my husband in 2005 and we lost touch and 7 years we got together with a failed marriage behind us!!

  3. June 26, 2018 / 8:14 am

    Awww what a wonderful post, it sounds like it’s been a wonderful 8 years and you have exciting times to look forward to too.

  4. June 27, 2018 / 5:07 pm

    Ahh happy anniversary guys! Gaz and I went to school together but following my first marriage ending went on a date and in 7 years we’ve been married and had three children!

  5. June 30, 2018 / 8:56 pm

    What a lovely post and so lovely that you have known each other for nearly 20 years despite being together for 8!

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