#Blogtober day 6 – Flowers

I blooming love flowers I do.

See what I did there? Blooming? Flowers?

I can't tell you though, how many years I waited to receive my first ever bouquet! In fact, I can't remember when it was and whether it was from the other half or whether it was through work! I just know that I had to wait ages for it to happen.* 

Not one of my previous boyfriends bought me flowers. In a way, it's quite nice because it means that the other half immediately gained extra points when he first gave me some! And before we had children (and had a lot more spare cash available), he treated me to them quite a lot. 

I'll never forget the first time he sent me some to work. It's that feeling of absolute joy and complete embarrassment when you go traipsing from reception with a big bouquet! That didn't stop him doing it again and they were always such gorgeous flowers at completely random times. Not on an anniversary or a birthday. Just because. And that's the best reason to receive them isn't it? Just because they were thinking of you. 

He has of course regularly given them to me on valentines day as well. I remember once getting to his house before he got home and I was sitting out in the car, only to see him desperately trying to hide a massive bouquet behind his back. I had the biggest smile on my face of course!

And then there are the ones that I received through work. Working on events was always intense. Months of liaison with the programme organisers and more often than not we would be presented with a bouquet and a thank you on the final day. It was always a really lovely gesture and made all the hard work worth it – athough sometimes they didn't quite consider that we then had to get a train or sometimes a plane home and navigating a wheelie suitcase, handbag, snacks, hot chocolate and flowers could be a bit of a nightmare. Sometimes a book token would have more suitable! 

So yes, I absolutely love flowers but I had to wait a real long time before they became a part of my life! Well, ones that I hadn't bought for myself anyway! And now we have kids and have better things to spend our money on, I tell him not to bother anymore!!

*Thanks to writing this post and scrolling through Facebook for the above flower photos, I have discovered that indeed Valentines Day 2011 was the first time I received flowers. It was the same April that I was given the work ones. Evidently flowers are like buses – you wait forever for one and then two turn up within a very short timeframe! 

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  1. October 8, 2017 / 12:27 am

    Sounds so much like me – no one had ever bought me flowers until I met my husband either. #Blogtober

    • October 12, 2017 / 10:17 am

      I think it kind of makes it a bit more special that the ones we stayed with were the ones who gave us the first flowers 🙂 not that it’s why we stayed with them – just that we did hehe!

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