#Blogtober17 day 2 | Babies

I have always wanted to be a mum. From my young days of playing with dolls and pretending to be mummy, to the teenage babysitting years that earnt me a few quid on a Saturday night. I have just always been a maternal person and always wanted babies. Lots of them! 

The other half and I got together in June 2010 and we had known each other for almost 12 years. Because of that, things moved pretty quickly – I think it was within about 9 months that we moved in together!

I remember on one of our first dates, the topic of children came up and we both discussed that it was definitely what we wanted in the future – not necessarily with each other at that point, as it was seriously early days – but it was nice to know that we were on the same wavelength from so early on! 

It wasn't long though before the subject came up seriously. We were on a weekend away in Canterbury, staying in the most gorgeous guest house and exploring different parts of the Kent coast every day. It was a really wonderful trip and it will always be one of the important ones in our history because it was when we decided to start trying for a family.

I remember it so well. We were in a pub, playing scrabble (I won!), drinking wine and we got a bit tipsy. When you are a bit tipsy, it's easier to talk about such things and we started talking about when we wanted kids. And we both kind of decided that we wanted them pretty soon. This was in the July and we decided that I would come off the pill (after 11 years!) at the end of August and give my body time to get back to natural cycles before starting to try for a baby at the end of the year. Things changed a bit and once I was off the pill we decided to just go for it and were found out we were pregnant by the end of the January!

Just over a year after having that chat about starting a family, we welcomed our beautiful Zachary into the world on 26th September, weighing 7lbs 1oz. He was breech so it was a planned csection and he was just perfect! 

Initially we wanted quite a small age gap between babies and the plan was to have just a couple of years between births. Of course, we didn't realise finances needed to be kinder to us to enable this, so we needed to hold off until Zach was almost ready to start school so that we weren't paying two sets of nursery fees. My mum had initially mentioned that she would find it hard to look after two children but then gave us the go ahead when she realised that it would only be for a couple of months anyway in the lead up to Zach starting school. 

Once that go ahead was given, we brought forward our 'trying for the next' and very quickly fell pregnant again on the first month of trying. On the 15th September 2016, we welcomed our beautiful Oscar into our lives. He weighed 7lbs 10oz and was born naturally.

Will we have any more children? I honestly don't think we will but that isn't saying that I don't want them. The other half is less keen, happy with the two beautiful boys that we have (and of course, I am totally happy with them too!). And the fact that we only have a two bedroom house and a car big enough for the 4 of us is pretty crucial! But I think I could just keep making babies forever. I mean I am never not broody and I make beautiful children! Why wouldn't I want to keep bringing them into the world?! 



  1. October 2, 2017 / 8:56 pm

    Like you we now plan to have another around the time that Olivia starts school. I would sooner if finances allowed. Would be perfect if i could be on maternity when she does teh transistion to school to ensure that i can do the drop off and pick up every day. 

    • October 3, 2017 / 7:34 am

      Definitely. I would have been due back to work just as Zach was starting school but thankfully was able to hand in my notice so I’ve been the one to take him to school and I think it’s been so important to him – and it’s been important to me too. Also he had 2 weeks of half days – working around that would be a nightmare! x

  2. October 2, 2017 / 10:08 pm

    Oh that top picture is adorable! And look at Oscar's hair when he was born! #Blogtober

    • October 3, 2017 / 7:29 am

      He had so much hair!! Then lost most of it and now has tons again!! I have hair envy haha!!!

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