#Blogtober17 day 21 – Unusual crushes

So, day 21 is unusual crushes and I had been struggling to think of any until it came to writing this!

I mean, there was the time when I had some weird crush on Noel Edmonds – when I spent every day watching Deal Or No Deal. It is wrong in every single way and it really didn’t last for long but that’s probably the most unusual!

On a good day, there is something about Simon Pegg. It’s probably his sense of humour making him more attractive, but I have found myself feeling crush like over him!

Oh, and Paul Hollywood. Although I don’t think that’s quite as unusual as a lot of women have fallen for that silver fox/sparkly eyed look!

Ooo and my final one, which is a bit weird in the sense that he is almost sixty and therefore old enough to be my father – I have a huge crush on Gary Oldman. No matter what age he is, I just love him!

Rather than leave it there (or hurt my brain trying to think of more), I thought I would put it to my fellow bloggers to tell me their unusual crushes! So, here we go!


Ray Winstone! I have no idea why. I love him.

Life, Love and Dirty Dishes


Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones (and Bronn!)

Coffee, Cake, Kids


Tom Jones  he might be old enough to be my Grandad but he has a super sexy voice!

Mummy and the Chunks


David Walliams lol – I know ha ha!

Just Average Jen


David Tennant every time. Don’t even care that he’s old enough to be my dad, he is all kinds of beautiful.

Gee Gardner


Ron Weasley. I know, I know…

Scrapbook Blog


It’s Chris Evans ….no not the Hollywood one, the ginger one!

Daydreams Of A Mum


When I was younger I had a thing for Daddy Warbucks in the original Annie movie played by Albert Finney. I told my boyfriend this the other day and he thinks it’s really weird…

Reclusive Fox


Russell Crowe. Particularly in Robin Hood  

Edinburgh Life – With Kids


The male doctor from embarrassing bodies  Christian Jessen!

Then There Were Three


Gene Hunt (Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes) – I’d love a ride in his Quattro!

The Improving Mum


Giles from Buffy!

Rice Cakes And Raisins


Jude Law as always!



Liam Gallagher. I’d leave my husband without a second glance for him 

Rock and Roll Pussycat


Craig Charles, but only as Lister!

EPS and Amy


Unusual ….well there’s a few …Dr House ( Huge Laurie) Big ( Chris North) and totally Bruce Willis ….yummy mummy crushes right there 

It’s Me and Ethan


Always Matt Dillon for me!

My Boys Club


Dopey off of the Seven Dwarfs 

Thrifty Mum


Oh Grissom from CSI. I am going to have his babies one day.

The Mummy Adventure


Simon Cowell… it’s the power thing 

Devon Mama


Oooooh….the guy who plays Neegan in the Walking Dead 

My Family Fever


Noel Edmunds  

Imperfect Parenting


Elton John – I was 10 and had no clue that he was gay OR what gay was..

Mummy Cat Notes


Ricky Gervais here, I think it’s true that a guy can laugh you into bed!

Five Little Doves


Ah Peter Kay! You can just imagine he’d be the best company ever 

One Small Human


Hugh Grant! Even now that he’s old. I’ve heard he has a thing for younger Scandinavian women so I might be in with a chance!

Scandi Mummy


Ryan Giggs have loved him since I was five haha!

Mummy To My Cheeky Little Monkey


Cillian Murphy mm mm mmmmm

The Knight Tribe


Jarvis Cocker, Peter Dinklage, Toadie off Neighbours are any of those weird enough?

Accidental Hipster Mum


What a great list! And Noel featured in there too so I am not alone! To be fair, some of those would feature on my crush list too! How about you? Who is your unusual crush?

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