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Oooo, I was waiting for it to get tricky. The day 4 prompt for #Blogtober17 is date. How vague is that? Initially I was trying to think of an important date but then I was like, I have to write a whole post about it. And then I looked at 'date' another way and thought about the many awesome dates that the other half and I have been on (mostly before we had children!). And so that is what I have chosen to write about!

It took the other half a long time to woo me. I mean, we had known each other for 12 years before we got together and it is no secret that he had had a thing for me for a long time! But I made him wait…a long time! 

I did however go on a very early dinner date with him. I remember getting an email from him suggesting that we go for dinner, and I thought it over…and over…and eventually said yes! He took me to Pacifico's Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden and afterwards we headed to a nearby cocktail bar. We had the loveliest evening, we didn't stop talking the whole night and he was an absolute gent.

You'd have thought that would have been enough to woo me but oh no. A) It's really hard when you have known someone for 12 years to think about them in a romantic way. And B) I was in a bit of a crappy place and I wasn't ready for a relationship of any kind. I think that had anything have happened back then, he would have ended up broken hearted and it would have been the end of a friendship so it just wasn't worth it at the time. 

Fast forward for I don't know how long, and at Glastonbury 2010 I decided that you know what, I'll go for it. And that was the start of us. The 25th June 2010.  And the start of some pretty awesome dates!  

He was a goodun from day one. On a few occasions we went for a gorgeous meal in the local Turkish restaurant which was always lovely. 

I also for a long time, worked just up the road from him and I would walk down to meet him and his colleagues on a Friday night and we would go for cocktail happy hour at a bar called Gem. Boy we had some druken nights of dancing then!

And then? Well probably the best two nights were on the red carpet! Oh yes, he worked for Sony and twice got us tickets to a premiere. The first was Salt which starred Angelina Jolie. Yep, I totes saw Ange on the carpet and yep, I wanted to throw eggs at her because I have always been Team Jen! 

The second was Karate Kid starring Will Smith's son Jaden – which meant Will himself was there too and I walked past him being interviewed (the guy that the other half worked with came in just after us and he totes shook Will's hand!).

Both of these nights were just awesome. Getting to walk up the red carpet with all the photographers and journalists there. I felt like Queen Bee! 

Since becoming parents, dates like this have become a thing of the past. There was one awesome one though, when we went to the theatre to see Woman in Black and treated ourselves to dinner and cocktails afterwards. We had such a great time and it was so fab to be out! 

These are the dates that really stick in my mind. We haven't done bad in seven years, and we certainly enjoyed ourselves in the short years before the boys came along!

The last 'date' that we went on was our spa day when I was heavily pregnant with Oscar. That was all sorts of epic. With a breastfeeding, mama loving baby though, it hasnt been possible to escape at all since he was born but as the feeding becomes less, and the clinginess gets a tiny bit less, I am hopeful that we can eventually get a babysitter and go and let our hair down for a few hours…or even a whole night! 



  1. October 5, 2017 / 2:08 pm

    Going on the red carpet sounds like awesome fun! I’ve not been on many dates with my husband – we really need to get my Mum babysitting so we can go on one soon though!

    • October 12, 2017 / 10:22 am

      It was fun and totally surreal. I am so glad we got to experience it though. We haven’t been on a date since I was pregnant with Oscar! 

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