5 ways I’m saving money now I’m a work from home mum

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If there is one thing that I have learnt since becoming a work from home mum, it’s that it’s hard getting used to not knowing where the next paycheck is coming from. I spent more than ten years knowing exactly when my monthly salary was going to hit my account and it took until very recently to remember to not get excited at the end of each month, because that salary was no longer existent.

Don’t get me wrong. I love that I am currently a work from home mum because I love that I get to do the school run (well, sort of!), and that I am currently getting to enjoy the Summer holidays with my little men. Each month has mostly been a success in hitting my financial targets, but there have been some months where I have had to dip into that savings pot that I worked so hard to build up. The other half has had to dip into it too and so, it’s looking a lot smaller than it once was. I won’t lie, it worries me a little. If that money dwindles down to nothing, I need to get back to work quick sharp. At that point, there will be no more school runs, no more long childcare free Summer holidays, and honestly, I might cry a little. Or a lot.

For now though, I will continue with what I am doing, and all the while, look at how we can make savings to our household on a regular basis to try and ease the pressure on our savings pot. Of course, we also have a wedding to save for so you know, every little helps and all that! Here are a few ways that I have been cutting back a bit just recently.


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Shopping around

It is so easy to do all of the shopping online. But, we do pay a price for it. It really does pay to shop around, and because I am able to pop into town on a regular basis, I really need to make sure that I am getting the best deals that I can get. For example, I know that the huge bag of Petit Pois (I hate garden peas!) are way cheaper in Iceland. And things like cleaning products and toiletries are cheaper in Savers. I have noticed just recently that my Tesco shop has started getting really blooming expensive, so it’s definitely worth looking at where else I can get the products.


Using the markets

We have a twice weekly market where we live and there is always a fruit and veg stall. I have noticed that it is way cheaper to buy our fruit from them because we get through it so quickly. Each punnet of fruit tends to be a pound each and heck, if I visit towards the end of day then I can often get two for a pound (although a late visit is not recommended in the hot weather!). In the supermarkets, they are pretty much double the price!


Using voucher code sites

I rarely ever buy something online without checking if there is a discount code somewhere for it. So often there is, and it makes me super happy that I remembered to check before I confirmed payment.  Even better than that are websites that search everything for you at once, like https://sello.com will when it launches. No more paying full price 🙂


Being careful on the online shopping

When I do my online shop, I try to stick to what I need for my planned meals that week, and don’t pop anything extra in (except some biccies!). If something is on offer then I tend to stock up – for example, sweetcorn is often on 3 for 2 so I take full advantage of that offer because I know we will get to that third pack eventually. The same goes for fish – it is incredibly expensive and so if it’s on offer, my freezer will be full of it!


Go to the shops on the way to school, not on the way home! 

Ok, so this isn’t currently working because it’s the Summer holidays and I always have Zach with me, but – if I need to pop to the shops on the school run, I make sure I leave a bit earlier to do it on route, because I spend far less if Zach isn’t with me! He always wants a snack, or even worse, a box of snacks to then take home, and it always adds a few pounds on to the cost. If he isn’t with me, I don’t spend it as Oscar is too young to ask for anything!


So there we go. There are five ways that I am being a bit more careful with my spending. Do you have any more tips for me so that I can save even more?

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  1. August 6, 2018 / 5:00 pm

    The money situation can be so stressful and annoying at timese but there is always a way around. I have a few tips you can try! Amazon has a wedding registry and I think they send you a wedding box filled with freebies. Don’t quote because I haven’t done much research on this.

    In our household, we save small by making our own cleaning/hygiene supplies like shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, and cleaning spray. We also have switched to cloth diapers and that’s a huge saving.

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