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Thanks to Life As Mrs D for tagging me in the top 7 tag of 2018. I took a bit of a blogging hiatus over Christmas but I’m back and raring to go. So this is the perfect way to start 🙂


The general gist of this tag post is:

  • Your Favourite 7 Posts from 2018. They can be any posts at all that you are proud of.
  • 7 Things You Loved The Most About 2018. Whether you visited somewhere, or just had one of those moments you will never forget, if you loved it, list it!
  • 7 Things You Are Looking Forward to in 2019. Whether those plans are set in stone or something you would like to do this year, share with us.
  • Tag 7 Bloggers to Take Part. Share the love and tag 7 others who would like to take part.
  • Say Thanks. Link back to the person who tagged you and/or myself so people know where to find the tag to join in too.

So here we go!


Top 7 posts of 2018

Body positivity and me – I wanted to highlight that despite all of the body positivity posts and pictures flying around, it’s ok to want to improve the look of your body. I was really proud of how I wrote this post.


A complete guide to housework for busy mums – I was proud of this because it’s the first post that I included an opt in freebie. It’s one I wrote ages ago and then edited it to make it better and published again.


5 ways to fit exercise into busy mum life – I had started to exercise, squeezing a quick workout in whilst the kids are eating. I wanted to show busy mums that we can fit time in for fitness if we want to.


Zachary you are six – I love documenting how my gorgeous children are developing as they reach their birthdays 🙂


Oscar you are two – Same as above – this time with the youngest!


8 years with the other half – our love story – I loved writing this as it brought back loads of wonderful memories!


What being a mum is to me – the good, the bad and the ugly – I loved writing this because it was at a time when I really needed to highlight that motherhood has so many aspects and not all of them are great.


7 things I loved about 2018

Getting engaged has to be the number one. Even though I knew it was going to happen once we had bought the engagement ring, I didn’t know exactly when it would happen, and the moment I walked into the front room to candles, champagne, and a lit up lightbox, and then him getting down on one knee – it is is a moment that I will never forget.




Booking the wedding has to be second. We knew we were going to be getting married in the local registry office, but when I stumbled across our reception venue on the internet, and when we both went to see it and immediately knew we wanted to book it, it was such a special moment.


Watching my baby turn into a toddler. Even though some days are an absolute nightmare with a toddler going through the terrible twos, it is also absolutely delightful to watch someone learning everything for the first time. His speech has probably been my favourite thing. He is so advanced with his speaking, it’s been amazing to see it develop so quickly.


Zach moving into Year 1. It really is a huge step in their learning, moving from Reception to Year One, and I have been amazed at watching him learn to read, write and do maths sums, along with the many other interesting things he picks up on a daily basis.


The Summer holidays. It was our first ever set and even though there were times when it was incredibly hard, having both my boys at home for such a long period of time was wonderful – even though it was blooming hot!


A spa day with my Sister. It was amazing. We literally spent the whole day relaxing, being pampered and catching up!


The boys joint birthday party. It was epic. They had the best time ever and it is such a happy memory of the year 🙂



7 things I am looking forward to in 2019

Our big family holiday. We are off to Herefordshire in June and I can’t wait. I totally confess that it means taking Zach out of school, but it’s a week with us, his Nanny and Grandad, Aunt and Uncle, Cousins, and a bunch of other relatives as well. I wasn’t wholly happy about taking him out of school when it was first booked (it was booked for us and we were just told the date), but the reality is that he is only in year one and spending a week with his family is just as important as school is.


Wedding planning. Oh this year is going to be huge in the planning process. We have obviously already started, but with the wedding being next year, I need to ramp the plans up a bit!


Stopping breastfeeding. I mean it has to happen this year right?


Getting a full nights kip. Again, surely this year it will happen? I haven’t slept a full night in over two years. I haven’t slept in my own bed for about nine months. 2019 has to bring me some sleep!


Seeing my friends. I have said that we need to meet up a lot more than we do, and therefore I am looking forward to whatever fun we have!


Watching Zach learn even more. With him moving into Year 2 in September, I know his learning is going to escalate even more!


Oscar starting nursery. Does that sound bad? He will be 3 in September so will be eligible to go to nursery for the 15 hours each week. This is of course if I am still at home and also if the nursery is still there – I know at the moment it is at risk of closure if they lose funding from the government.


And that’s it. My top 7 tag complete. That was fun 🙂

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