What I would do if I won the lottery

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It’s a dream isn’t it? The biggest dream there is. And for most of us, it doesn’t come true.

I remember when I turned 16, the first thing I did was buy a lottery ticket. If I remember rightly, I am pretty sure I actually won a tenner with that ticket! Over the years though, I was pretty unsuccessful. I remember when I got a 4 number match on a ticket and got so excited – except it was a Wednesday and so was worth a really small amount – I think it was thirty or forty pounds! Not life-changing amounts. 

Things have changed a lot since those early days of the Lottery. There are so many to enter, so many ways of winning and even websites like Lottoland which enable you to bet on lotto’s around the world! Surely that means there are more chances of winning a cashpot that ever right?

And what if I did win?

I have often imagined winning the Euromillions when it’s a quadruple rollover. When the jackpot is at 90 million! When I would be able to do absolutely anything! But what are the top three things that I would I do?

First up, I would move house. I have always dreamed of living further out in the countryside but it’s always out of the question because of the other half’s commute into London (and my previous one). But with all of that money, there would be no need to commute and therefore the dream house would be on. It wouldn’t be stupidly large, would very much be a beautiful country house, and would definitely have some stables for my dream horses! There would be woodland in the back garden, a stream or a pond for the other half to enjoy, and acres of land for the boys to run around in. There would also be a local village school, a post office, butchers, bakers and convenience store nearby. Oh it sounds lush!

The next thing I would do is take the entire family to Disney World in Florida. Actually scrap that, the first thing I would do is buy a house in Florida and then I would take everyone over! Imagine that? An actual base there that I could just go to as and when I pleased. And the rest of the time, rent it out as a holiday villa and continue to make money! For me, Florida is the best place on Earth and I would love to be able to experience it as often as I like.

Finally, I would buy a new car. We pay for our car on finance and whilst it’s a lovely car, I would love a totally different one. I would probably end up going for a Range Rover! I love 4×4’s but having one on our current road terrifies me because it is so narrow and even my little Seat gets scraped up every now and then. With the big house in the Country, I wouldn’t need to worry as much about being parked on a narrow street and so yes, I would totally go for the biggest Range Rover with ALL the mod cons! That would be awesome.

So there are my top three things. Of course, I would go and buy a whole new wardrobe, go on some lovely holidays and treat my family and friends. But these three things are my selfish wishlist!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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