Why I loved and hated our first trick or treat experience

I know it was more than a week ago now, but I have just remembered that I haven’t written my rundown of our first ever trick or treat experience. You can’t blame me – sleep has been, well – a struggle; and my brain has been a bit too frazzled to write anything. Oh and it was half term which meant I hardly actually had any time to work!

So – trick or treating. Up until this year, I have always managed to avoid going. I am never sure how I feel about it to be honest. As a child, it wasn’t something that we did. We joined in with the giving sweets out, but we never got dressed up and went a knocking. There is always a part of me that feels like I missed out on the main fun and so I knew that deep down, I would eventually take the boys as I wouldn’t want them to feel left out or that they had missed out on something that all of their friends were doing.

Zach is six now and is obviously more than aware that trick or treating is a thing. Oscar hasn’t a clue, but if Zach is doing it, then so is he – he does not like to be left out of anything that one!

I found myself in Sainsbury’s at the beginning of half term and we were down the seasonal aisle where all the Halloween stuff was. Zach saw the little buckets they were selling and asked me if we could buy them for going trick or treating. I hesitated, still not sure if I was actually going to take them, but decided that since they were only a pound each, I’d buy them as a just in case.

That just in case, then turned into the full decision that indeed I would take them for their first trick or treat experience – which then turned into the other half taking a half day off work so that he could get home early and join us for it – he’s also not one to miss out on this kind of thing when it involves the kids and a first time of doing something! And then I got fully into it. We already had a skeleton costume for Zach to wear (I have no doubt that by next year he will have grown out of it), but then I found myself buying face-paint so that we could make him look proper skeleton like!


first trick or treat experience


And then? I dragged my witches hat/wig out of the wardrobe and donned some face-paint myself. As did the other half. We managed to squeeze Oscar into his monster outfit that just about fits him still, and off out into the streets we went.


First Trick Or Treat Experience


Now, I had gone out previously (before the hat and face paint!) to do a reccy of the area and work out who was up for getting involved this year. I spotted a nice number of houses that already had their pumpkins outside or decorations up, and remembered the route so that I knew where we were going. With little legs Oscar out with us, we needed to know where we were going as he takes a while to get anywhere. It turned out that he wanted the other half to carry him the whole time anyway (except when he stood at the front doors), and so it was still super handy to know which streets to visit, for the sake of his poor arms.

So there we were, wandering the streets looking for the decorated houses, with my two gorgeous and such polite little men who were being given handfuls of sweets.

What happened to taking just one or two? I think because we were out super early and were the first ones really around, everyone was super generous to them!


First Trick Or Treat ExperienceFirst Trick Or Treat ExperienceFirst Trick Or Treat Experience


Once we had been to all the houses that we could see decorated, we headed on home – which is where it then went a bit wrong.

You see, we don’t really have sweets at home. So when they got home with their buckets full of goodies, they wanted them. Of course they did. And of course we let them. Only one of two, as we were about to have dinner, but then we said they could have another for dessert and then they were going away. They were soon bouncing off the walls. Not only that, but Oscar was refusing to eat his dinner because he knew that a sweet was coning for dessert. The little pickle! In the end, we actually had to place the drumstick lolly next to his plate so that he knew it really was coming. And then the other half wrapped it really slowly whilst telling Oscar to have a few more mouthfuls before he got it open (it was really hard to open that drumstick!).


First Trick Or Treat Experience


The other bit of the night that went wrong was Oscar’s expectations as we handed out the sweets to the children who were stopping by at ours. He seemed to think that because he had previously been given sweets, that as we were handing them out to the children, he could take them from their buckets too – like a nice gift exchange basis! And if he didn’t get them, he wanted them from the bowl we were dishing out from, despite the fact that he had a bucket full of sweets from his trip. He just didn’t understand – and you can guess what the result was can’t you? Yep, a huge epic tantrum by the now closed front door. Just before we needed him to sit down for dinner. Great!

We also had issues because there was of course, the race to open the front door to trick or treaters. And if Oscar didn’t get there first, there was hell to pay. In the end we had to get Zach to agree to be the one holding the sweets, and Oscar being the door opener.


Of course, by this point of the evening, Oscar is generally quite tired anyway – but with the added 45 minute trip out to get his sweets, and the excitement of the running to and from the door (we had a decent amount of people traffic passing through), he was extra tired. So with that, the extra sugar, and the general competitiveness between him and his brother, meant it wasn’t the easiest night.


But, they did have loads of fun. They absolutely loved going round to the houses and looking at some of the really well decorated houses. I loved watching their little faces as they were waiting for the doors to open, and then how happy they were when they were offered sweets. We all got fully into the event and I think it’s definitely something that we will continue to do, as I know it will get easier as Oscar gets older and fully understands what happens.

And of course there has been a massive bonus for me, as when I’ve fancied a bit of choccy at home, I just go to the stash that is hidden away in a locked cupboard! The bucket contents are slowly lessening – but yes of course I am allowing them to have a little something from it on most days. I’m not that much of a witch!


First Trick Or Treat Experience


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First Trick Or Treat Experience

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