Tips To Make Moving Day Less Stressful

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Moving house features highly on the list of the most stressful moments in life. There’s so much to consider and organise! The thought of moving house sounds lovely in theory. In your mind you imagine the whole process running smoothly with no hiccups. You get the keys to your sparkling new house and you all live happily ever after! Reality can often be very different and the whole process can be chaos and disruption from the moment your property goes on the market. It’s a good job we look at moving house through rose tinted specs, otherwise we’d never do it! It will all be worth it in the end.



Moving house provides a new start as well as creates more space for a growing family. There are ways of making moving day a little less stressful and hopefully the following tips will help.


Start early

Moving house is notoriously long winded and can take months before completion takes place. This is great, as it gives you ample time to get things organised. As soon as you know your move is definitely going ahead, you should start to declutter your home. Go through every room in your house and sort everything into keep, throw, sell and charity shop piles. You really don’t want to take unwanted items to your new house and decluttering will make the packing process much easier.

Book your removal company early – can connect you with removal companies in your local area.

Write lists of who you need to inform about your change of address and start to stockpile packaging materials.



Pack meticulously as this will make unpacking so much easier. Make sure you label each box with the room that it needs to go in and have a breakdown as to what’s in it too. Wrap fragile items and mark boxes with “fragile” stickers.


On the day!

Moving day often doesn’t go to plan, as money has a tendency to take a while to transfer. You could spend long periods of time waiting. Pack lots of snacks and don’t pack your kettle!

Moving day can be especially stressful for pets and children. If at all possible look for childcare arrangements and pet sitters. This will allow you to fully concentrate on what needs to be done.

Once your property is empty, give it a thorough clean and take your cleaning products to your new property – it may not have been left as clean as you expect.

Take meter readings before you leave and ensure everything is switched off and locked up. You will then need to hand over your keys.

It could be late in the day when you eventually get the keys to your new property (we got ours at about 3pm), leaving little time to unpack. Pack an overnight bag for all family members so that you have all essentials to hand. Ensure your bedding is in a box which is easily accessible or book an overnight stay in a hotel, so that you can face everything in the morning!

Once you have unpacked and everything is sorted you will wonder why you were initially so stressed! Enjoy your new home.

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