16 top tips for travelling abroad with kids

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With our wedding planning now starting to step up a gear, there are many many things that we are thinking of, talking about and booking. It’s getting to quite an exciting time because we are slowly approaching the 18 month mark and I know it’s all going to start happening in the coming months. One of the big things that we talk about are what to do for a honeymoon. Do we go alone? Do we take the kids? Do we do both – a couple of days away for us, followed by a family trip in the school holidays (finances dependent of course)?

And then I started thinking about how we haven’t ever really travelled abroad with the boys. I mean we took Zach to Eurocamp in France but we drove there and took the ferry over. It didn’t really feel like we had travelled properly abroad. But when going abroad, there is so much more to think about – things like the journey, the arrival, the getting around, and then stuff like documents and travel insurance.

I am well aware that travelling with kids is never easy – even when we go away over here, we always look like we’ve packed everything but the kitchen sink. But I know it’s totally do-able and that with the right information, it’s probably nowhere near as bad as it feels it might be.

So I took to my wonderful blogging community and asked them for their top tips for travelling abroad with kids –  just in case we do end up needing it. Here is their fabulous advice!


Top Tips For Travelling Abroad With Kids


Try to travel at night as much as you can, because children usually sleep then, even when travelling – it saves you of a lot of unnecessary drama and tantrums 😂

My Everything Beautiful


My top tip for travelling abroad with kids is to plan everything out as much as you can. Make sure you arrive at the airport or ferry terminal with plenty of time. Take as many snacks as you can manage for them and lots of their favourite things to do to keep them entertained

Our Bucket List Lives


Pack all of their favourite snacks. On a trip to Spain earlier this year all my daughter wanted was Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps which are her favourite. Packing some snacks can save a whole lot of tantrums and melt downs.

Me, Him, The Dog & A Baby


I pack lots of sticker books and colouring books for the journey. Tiger do amazing cheap sets!

The Money Whisperer


Take spares of everything in your hand luggage! We were caught out when our son, who is never sick, was sick! We had no spare clothes or wipes or anything as he was three and we don’t usually need them. Now we plan for the unexpected and always take spare clothes, wipes and carrier bags just in case illness or travel sickness strikes! Better to be over-prepared than under!

Healthy Vix 


Pick out clothes that are made with natural fibres so kids stay cool and comfortable in hot countries. Also think about the colour of the clothes you pack for them. Brighter colours supposedly absorb more UV rays so are better than white t-shirts.

Really Missing Sleep


We find having their own travel pillow and/or blanket helps them settle and try to get some rest, as aeroplanes can often be cold and uncomfortable so creature comforts help.



Take a selection or favourite and new travel toys for the flight. Pound shop toys are great and twice as exciting if you wrap them up too!



Take the grandparents with you! 😀

Becster {dot} Com


Let them pack a bag full of their favourite toys and books. Take snacks with you so you always have something they like. Research things to do before you go so you know where you can go on child friendly days out and also know where the child friendly restaurants are.

Digital Motherhood 


Buy a couple of magazines for them to open. There’s usually plenty to read and toys to play with.

Household Money Saving


Let them help with the packing (so they can’t blame you for forgetting something!) and take a tablet with some pre-downloaded cartoons, games or films on. Just in case you need it, it’s handy to have!

You Have To Laugh


Lots of new toys but small / practical and no noise. Download their fav shows on the iPad and take headphones. Lots of fav snacks but avoid sweets. Fly tot for sleeping so they get proper sleep on flight. My girl slept 10 hr on a 13 hr night flight!!!

One Slice of Lemon


Hire your own car for when you land rather than book a transfer, as you can control how many stops and how long any breaks need to be.

Clover and Tonic


If you’re travelling with young children take a travel buggy and a buggy black out shade (snoozeshade) with you. Not only does it keep the sunshine off but it gives them a darkened area to sleep in during meals out! Download some white noise apps and Netflix shows for toddlers and it makes a quiet area if they’re unlikely to sleep! Plus it’s far easier pushing a toddler through an airport than trying to get them to walk! If you’ve got a baby, use a non metallic carrier in the airport. You can usually then wear your baby through security without having to wake or disturb them!

Devon Mama


If travelling by air, have their fav snacks in hand luggage, a change of clothes in case of delays, and wet wipes. Pop a new comic/book/toy in too to keep them amused. Stick to their routine as much as poss.

Autism Mumma

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