#Blogtober17 day 22 – Heroes and villains

OK, so I am totally stumped on this one! The prompt for #blogtober17 day 22 is heroes and villains, and well, my mind is blank!

I could attempt to talk about heroes and villains in the movies but really, I would struggle to do so. It’s not that I don’t like them, I am not averse to a bit of The Avengers movies, but I just don’t know enough about the characters to write a whole blog about the subject – I mean I thought Hulk was a baddie because he used to scare the living daylights out of me and then it turned out he was a superhero! Mind blown!

Today has been one of those whirlwind days in our house. It was supposed to be a quiet day and it turned a bit manic, ending in an absolute meltdown from Oscar which followed a nightmare few hours of Zach! So it got me thinking of what has been my ‘heroes’ and what have been my ‘villains’ of the day!


The other half gets the first mention here. We work pretty darn well together. Sometimes at the end of the day I want to high-five him for getting to the end of it together, and still in tact – parenting can be hard right?! Today I took Zach to the hairdressers, leaving Oscar sleeping at home. The other half had the full knowledge that Oscar could wake up miserable but he was ready to deal with it, which he did – when Oscar woke up miserable! He is up for the challenge of me starting to leave Oscar a bit more and having that support there is so important for me.

He also rocked it tonight when Oscar decided to be super tired and have a meltdown just as dinner was being served. When it was clear that we both weren’t going to be able to eat at the same time, he made the decision to let me have mine first whilst he held a screaming Oscar, so that I could then take him straight up to bed and he could eat his! He’s a good one!

The other hero of my day was my nephew, who was round with my sister. When Zach suddenly decided that he didn’t want to go to the hairdressers because my nephew would be at our house without him, he piped up and agreed to come with us! He knew that I would have had all sorts of tears and tantrums from Zach if he hadn’t come and I was so thankful as I could see that he would have preferred to have stayed behind. Although it turned out that he ended up getting his hair done as well and he very much enjoyed it!


There have been two main villains today that have caused chaos and they pretty much come hand in hand. Sweets and chocolate. Zach doesn’t have either of them very often for the very reason that I am writing that they are villains. When he goes to the hairdressers, they always allow him to pick a selection of treats from their massive sweet stack and I of course had to let him have a couple on the way home. Knowing that he had a slice of chocolate cake waiting for him at home, I initially said two sweets (a lolly and some fizzers), and then he could have the cake too. He pushed me for an extra sweet though and I then told him he would have to sacrifice the chocolate cake. Of course, when we got home and we all had cake, it seemed wholly unfair and we gave him a small slither.


Now, I know that there are ‘experts’ out there who claim that sugar doesn’t make children go wild, but there is something in sweets and chocolate that make my boy go wild. Not only does he bounce around like a crazed animal but he is rude and mad and mean alongside it. Which is why he doesn’t have it very often. It literally sends him crazy. And so the combination of the several bad things that he had this afternoon sent him absolutely wild. We should know not to give him them but then in that moment, when he has been a super good boy getting his hair cut and not wanting him to be the only one not eating cake, we gave in and then regretted it later! And we always end with saying we are banning it haha!

The funniest thing is when the sugar finally wears off and this calm (and very tired) Zach comes back. He was all sweetness and loves at the dinner table, and super proud that he ate every mouthful of his food!

Next time I think about giving him sweets or chocolate cake, I really need to read this post to remind me of the kind of day we end up having!

The final villain is bad naps!

Oscar has started dropping that morning nap and now prefers to sleep at around 11am ish. At that point he needs at least two hours, if not more. And so when he wakes after just an hour and fifteen, I know that he isn’t going to need another nap before bedtime, but equally, he is going to be absolutely knackered by 6pm, which is way too early for him to be in bed! Which is what led us to the dinner time meltdown today and him being in bed at 6.30! I wish he napped better, that I could guarantee a really decent length of afternoon sleep. But nope, it is totally hit and miss!

So there we have it – the heroes and villains of my day!



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