Siblings (November 2017)

I totally didn’t write my siblings post last month – I was in the midst of the #blogtober17 posting and so just didn’t have time to get it done. So here we are in November, 14 months into having my two little men as brothers.

So how are they getting on?

It’s funny, because at this stage, there really isn’t that much of a difference month on month but there are little things, little things that Oscar is now doing that Zach thinks is extra special.

Possibly the cutest thing for me is the school drop off. Before now, Oscar would just be sitting there in his buggy, watching all the children messing around in the playground. Zach would always kiss him goodbye but that was about it. Now though, Oscar kisses him back. And hugs him. And waves at him as he goes off into his classroom. I think with him now understanding what ‘goodbye’ is, it helps him to know that Zach won’t be there at home – something he really did miss when Zach first started school. Now Oscar doesn’t mind as much – he gets to play alone with all of the toys and still gets fun with his brother after school for a while.

There are some definite arguments between them now when it comes to playing. Oscar is getting much better at not trying to destroy whatever Zach is playing with, but there are still moments when they will be shouting at each other over something, or upset because one took something off the other (it’s usually Oscar that is left empty handed and crying!).

Overall though, they still absolutely adore each other. There are always cuddles galore and kisses galore. They love playing together up in Zach’s room, Zach loves carrying Oscar round the living room, or dancing with him. And whilst we are always saying, put him down, Oscar is there with a massive smile on his face, reaping the attention from his big brother.

As always, I take this time to reflect on the loveliest photos of my boys together from the month gone by. Here are my faves this time round!


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  1. November 21, 2017 / 7:13 am

    Your boys are so adorable and it is true what they say – if you have a sibling, you have a friend for life. Thanks for sharing.#TwinklyTuesday

  2. November 21, 2017 / 7:22 am

    Beautiful photos of your boys. Your post reminds me so much of how the girls were at that stage #TwinklyTuesday x

  3. November 21, 2017 / 8:00 am

    It’s so lovely you’re taking the time to document the growing relationship between your sons. Such a good idea to take time out to focus on these things, helps solidify all that is good in your life and something to look back on when times may become hard! #TwinklyTuesday

  4. November 21, 2017 / 8:29 am

    Awe that’s lovely. It’s great to see such love between them

  5. November 21, 2017 / 8:46 am

    Oh my they are so cute together. It must be nice to see their relationship growing #twinklytuesday

  6. November 21, 2017 / 8:51 am

    Aww it must melt your heart when they kiss and hug each other back in the school playground 🙂 #TwinklyTuesday

  7. November 21, 2017 / 9:08 am

    The school drop off bit <3 So lovely to see their sibling relationship developing

  8. November 21, 2017 / 9:22 am

    Awww bless them they look so cute together. It is lovely when siblings get alone so well together X #twinklytuesday

  9. November 21, 2017 / 10:39 am

    Hi Lisa.

    Such an adorable post. Is just the best feeling isn’t it when you watch your little ones bonding, playing and laughing together. #twinklytuesday.

    Love Jessica Anne

  10. November 21, 2017 / 11:50 am

    What gorgeous brothers! They look so close, although I’m sure they squabble a fair bit too. Even with 8 years difference mine wind each other up! Poppy used to be the same and be a bit nonplussed by dropping Ella at school whereas now she’ll ask throughout the day for her! Thanks for hosting #twinklytuesday xx

  11. November 21, 2017 / 12:35 pm

    Bless them. Seeing photos of siblings together is so adorable. 🙂 #twinklytuesday

  12. November 21, 2017 / 12:47 pm

    Your boys together are gorgeous! My little boy doesn’t have a sibling… yet, but it would be great if he had someone to love and support for life. My have 2 brothers and I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world. #TwinklyTuesday

  13. November 21, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    Such lovely photos, I love the bond between siblings! #TwinklyTuesday

  14. November 21, 2017 / 1:35 pm

    Aw how lovely. You’ve really got some great photos there. xx

  15. November 21, 2017 / 1:37 pm

    Oh what lovely photos! So lucky to have each other #twinkletuesday

  16. November 21, 2017 / 1:47 pm

    This is so sweet and brings back so many wonderful memories for me with my four sons. They are still good buddies, and that’s one of the most joyful things in my life.

  17. November 21, 2017 / 2:23 pm

    Such a heartwarming post! Beautiful photographs of your boys and lovely to see the beautiful bonding!

  18. November 21, 2017 / 5:23 pm

    They a so cut and lush pics. #TwinklyTuesday

  19. November 21, 2017 / 6:59 pm

    What a sweet little pair you have! It’s so fun to see your baby get more affectionate…I’m sure it is that much better when it is towards a sibling. <3

  20. November 21, 2017 / 9:31 pm

    Hi, you clearly capture the sibling love my favourite picture has to be the one where they are looking lout of the window #TwinklyTuesday

  21. November 21, 2017 / 11:14 pm

    Beautiful post~sibling love is wonderful xx

  22. November 22, 2017 / 3:11 am

    Its so endearing to see this beautiful connection firsthand. I witness it in my girls, who are 17 months apart, and its so special. They have just began to really play together, and talk to each other. So, so fun to watch. #twinklytuesday

  23. November 22, 2017 / 8:02 pm

    Omg they’re just too cute for words, bless them. I love all these sweet shots of them. Having a brother means they have a friend for life. #twinklytuesday

  24. November 23, 2017 / 6:13 pm

    Super adorable. 🙂
    Time really goes by far too fast! My two youngest are both in school now, so for me its more the stress of doing two dropoffs at the same time where one always seems to go in before the other one! haha

  25. November 25, 2017 / 8:24 pm

    Ah they are so cute! I have two boys as well and I agree about the school drop off! It’s so sweet – but the youngest loves getting all the toys to himself once we get home too! Thanks for hosting #twinklytuesdays 🙂

  26. November 26, 2017 / 8:26 pm

    I think it’s really hard for the younger ones watching their older siblings go off to school – Little B is chomping at the bit to join BB at school but it’s another two years before he starts! #twinklytuesday

  27. November 27, 2017 / 12:56 pm

    Awww the photos are lovely and its nice to see them get on well, bonding and playing x Thanks for hosting #TwinklyTuesday x

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