The worst parts of parenting – from parents!

Parenting is mostly wonderful. But every single one of us has something that we absolutely hate about it. That thing that makes you think, oh god – what is this life.

For me, it’s poo.

Now I am not talking general poo. I mean yes it’s gross, but you have to deal with it from day one and it is never ever going to be a nice part of parenting. It is expected of us to just deal with it. BUT. You know when you are wiping a bum – it might be a nappy change or it might be over the toilet with your older child – but you are wiping their bum and you are being so careful and controlled with it. And then it happens…

Poo. On. Your. Hand.


Honestly, every single time this happens, I am just disgusted. I can deal with changing nappies and wiping bums but please children, keep your poo away from my skin!

And do you know what? It happens more when I’m wiping a bum on the toilet that when I am changing a nappy! He might not be sat forward enough for me to get the angle, or the toilet paper might rip during a wipe – and there it is. A brown smudge on my hand. Usually my knuckle. And immediately I am in desperation to shove my hands in disinfectant!


The other day, Oscar decided to roll over whilst I was changing his bum and he got it on my arm 🙁

And once, they both decided to go to the toilet at the same time, and on both clean ups they got it on me.

I hate it. I can take a lot when it comes to parenting, but I quite simply can’t take poo on my hands!

So it got me thinking, what other parts of parenting do people find the absolute worst? I thought I would ask my fellow bloggers and here’s what they said!


For me it’s sick! I hate it, seeing them ill and the countdown until the you go down with it!

Sarah – Run Jump Scrap


When my then 9-month-old pooed all the way up his back and literally exploded out of his nappy while my then 2-year-old was screaming in pain because he collided with the door (again). While I’m tending to him, my 9-month-old crawled up to me with poo in his hand, nappy in the other, and a trail of poo all the way from the kitchen to the bathroom. FAIL!

Leyla – Motherhood Diaries


Headlice and nits! The constant threat of your children catching them and then having to deal with them if they do get infiltrated. Plus trying to remember to use preventer spray every day, and not sharing hats.

Gemma – Mummy’s Waisted


Snot. Oh God the snot. Especially when the tissue rips, or there’s an unexpected snotsplosion.. My little one has started hoarding bogies for bath time where they float about really attractively. 🤢🤮

Tilly – Tilly Button


Having 3 of them, it’s when you are unwell and they are making so much noise bickering amongst themselves. It’s at times like these I wish I could get away for a bit and have some peace and quiet!

Emma Louise – Even Angels Fall


Mine has to be dealing with full blown public toddler tantrum on a 7 hour flight from Dubai to London, and the general sleep deprivation in the first year.

Folakemi – Peacocks Can Fly


An seemingly never ending supply of Bogies – especially when they wipe them on the wall or even worse – when they pick them then eat them 🤮🤮🤮

Beth – Twinderelmo


The worst bit so far is having someone hurting themselves while I am trying to sort out a nappy explosion. My daughter bashed her face on a falling globe, blood everywhere, and I had just taken the nappy off my newborn. I couldn’t do anything besides tell her to wait.

Sarah – Mummy Cat Notes


The sleep deprivation, absolutely. It seeps into every part of your life and those long hours at night when you are sat trying to get them off to sleep, when you’ve tried all the unsolicited advice everyone seems to give you but it won’t work and you feel like you’re the only person in the world awake – it takes so much strength to get through the emotional and physical impact of that. But you do sort of work your way through it, as everyone always said you would!

Amy – A Mum Full Of Dreams


When you tell them to look for something and they are just so oblivious to where is it. Like, it’s. Right. THERE 😑😑😑😑😑😑

Emma – Ready Freddie Go


When the internet goes down (like now!) And he insists it’s my bloody fault!!!!

Clare – Freddies Mummy


Mine is the whining 🙈 I hate it when my boys just whinge and whine at the tiniest things, to get my attention, to ask me something, to ask me something. Just speak properly and ask nicely.

Claire – This Mummy Rocks


For me, the worst is the full on toddler tantrums in public when my toddler screams murder and throws himself on the floor and kicks his legs in the air, and people walk around looking at me! I tend to look calm while I’m dealing with him but I’m dying inside. I think these moments were a strong impact on my anxiety. Once it’s all over I want a shot of vodka!

Raimonda – Cosmic Mum


When your children say something inappropriate in public. Emmeline (3) has learnt to say “for God’s sake!” probably from me, if I’m honest. We walked into the supermarket today. A lady walked towards the same door Emmeline was about to walk through and made Emmeline stop in her tracks. Emmeline said “for God’s sake!” Really loud. I wanted to run away 😄

Alice – Living With A Jude


Having no time for yourself anymore – I love them to bits but sometimes I just want 10 minutes on my own! Or to use the toilet without a spectator!

Lauren – Sophie’s Nursery


Waking up in the night to find a small person staring at you! Honestly, it terrifies me every single time 🤣

Emma – Emma Read


The constant sibling fighting, screaming and squabbling over anything and everything! Can you not just sit and play nicely together for five minutes so I can get on with something?! Aaaahh!

Victoria – Lylia Rose


The meltdowns. But the ones where they can say really embarrassing things in the middle of their breakdown. So my little lady was on top of a climbing frame and I asked her to come down, but she screamed “no I’m not coming down”. Stamping her feet. Then singing “I’m the king of the castle and you’re the dirty asshole!” 😳

Kelly-Anne – Mimi Rose & Me


Poo is hard to beat! But I’ll say vomit! I have a bit of a vomit phobia (think it’s called emetophobia) – I can probably remember the amount of times I’ve been sick in my life, which isn’t many at all! So I don’t deal well with it at all. Especially when it happens in the middle of the night and in your bed. 🙈 I wish I could run away and not be the adult in those situations!

Sara – Sara Bussandri


It has to be when they are genuinely naughty as they are older (ie mine is 12) and you’re in public and genuinely embarrassed they are your child!

Jen – Just Average Jen


Sleepless nights, where you don’t know what is wrong and you feel like nothing you are doing is helping.

Rebecca – My Girls & Me


When you hear “that scream”. Not the usual cry or shout, but when you know that something is really wrong. For a few seconds your heart really pounds and you go into a blind panic.

Pete – Household Money Saving


The dreaded three-times-a-day high chair wipe down – hate it hate it hate it!

Natalie – Confessions Of A Crummy Mummy


When my son who had severe reflux would vomit an entire bottle of milk over me time and time again. You are literally head to toe covered in what seems like way more milk than you actually gave them!

Kristie – Mammaprada


When they’re faddy and you can’t possibly make them three options for each meal but they still expect you to 

Jenny – Mummy Saver – Money Maker


Letting them go. When they are getting older and independent and you have to give them some freedom to step out into the world without you by their side 24/7. I found this harder than anything else.

Emma – The Mini Me’s & Me


Such a combination of woes there – from vomit to tantrums, sleep deprivation to them growing up. What are your worst parts to parenting? I would love to know 🙂





  1. June 10, 2018 / 7:11 pm

    I know exactly what you mean about the poo!! It’s usually when I’m wiping my eldest on the toilet rather than my baby

  2. June 11, 2018 / 8:39 am

    Oh yes, these are all so true. I have to say poo and sick were so awful when my daughter was younger .

  3. teentweentoddler1
    June 12, 2018 / 11:27 am

    Love this! I was nodding along all the way through lol x

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