Enjoying our Countryside walks whatever the weather

I’ve mentioned before about how we love exploring the Countryside that we are surrounded with. We are so lucky that despite living in quite a populated town, we have miles and miles of countryside, a gorgeous canal, and lakes with plenty of ducks to feed, a mere five minutes from our house. And in the other direction, about ten minutes away (depending on whether Oscar is on foot or in the buggy), is the most gorgeous Country park that is steeped in history, has a mini zoo, a cafe that serves up a mean hot chocolate, and plenty of space for bike riding, scuttlebugging, walking, running, skipping. Oh and the maze that is slowly growing taller, and a huge hill that the boys love climbing and that Zach loves sliding down (and getting a dusty bottom).


With all this beauty on our doorstep, we can’t be fussy about when we use it. Of course a nice Spring/Summer walk is easier all around, but there is also nothing like a fresh Country walk on a cold day. And of course, the regular risk of having to dart under the trees if a downpour happens!

Getting out and about in the colder months is good for our minds and our souls. So often we’ve all felt a bit cooped up and decided to head out for a walk and we immediately feel better – both energised and refreshed. And there’s no more excuses for us now we’ve teamed up with Blacks and Millets who have provided us with some fabulous outdoor clothing to help us enjoy getting into the Countryside. Because really that’s all it’s about – having weather appropriate clothing and being ready to ramble despite what the weather is doing  – which is a main part of this year’s Children in Need campaign, of which Blacks have teamed up on (more to come on this in another blog post!).



On Sunday we braved the weather. OK, so it wasn’t that cold but compared to how mild it has been recently, the temperatures had certainly dropped. We headed to the local park for their Halloween event that was taking place and made full use of our new equipment.

The thing with having a toddler, is that they take ages to get anywhere. And so I think the other half really appreciated his new Men’s Berghaus waterproof jacket, since he was the one that was slowly meandering up the road with him!


He caught up with us eventually!


I meanwhile, was up ahead with Zach and pushing the buggy. I genuinely forgot how cold your hands get when buggy pushing, and so I was very thankful that the other half had popped his new Men’s North Face gloves on the buggy and I quickly put them on to relieve the chill. And relieve they did, as they are fleecey inside! Plus you can also use them on touchscreen mobile phones which meant I was still able to take photos – although they are very thick and padded so I had to make sure I didn’t drop my phone! He doesn’t know it yet, but I think I might be pinching his Men’s North Face gloves for all of the walks that I do on the school run – I always end up with numb hands pushing Oscar along.



Around the park, was a real mixture of weather. One minute the sun was out and the next it was cloudy and chilly. And then it was raining a bit so the hoods came out! The other half had pinched my Women’s beanie hat to keep his head warm – it is totally unisex to be honest! 



And up until the point when it turned absolutely freezing and I realised I hadn’t put enough layers on, my new Women’s Berghaus jacket kept me nice and warm too! So important when you are standing around watching your son playing footie with his friend and then slowly walking with the buggy again!



The park is definitely the boys favourite place to go right now, not only because of all they have there, but because they are full appreciating the changing of the season – the reds and golds on the trees, the piles of leaves all over the ground, the conker shells, the helicopter leaves. It’s so important to me that we continue to get them out and about, because quite often, Zach in particular can’t be bothered. He’d rather be sat indoors in the warm with the tablet but I want him outside having fun and getting fresh air. And I can only do that if I am warm myself, because otherwise, I just want to head home and have a cuppa!

If you are an outdoors kinda family, whether you need a Women’s beanie hat, Men’s gloves, Women’s North Face accessories, or Women’s winter jackets, then I would highly recommend scouring the Blacks or Millets website to find your perfect all weather clothing.


The brands included in this post asked for our opinion on the products featured from their range. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. November 3, 2018 / 11:11 pm

    Those gloves would be perfect for de-frosting the windscreen before the school run too.


    • November 6, 2018 / 12:49 pm

      Oh they absolutely would – that is the most painful job!!

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