A lunchtime feast with Primula

The weather is improving, the nights are lighter for much much longer and it's almost time for those regular barbecues to take place! And along with the yummy burgers, tasty sausages and delicious kebabs, there are the salads and nibbles that make it into a feast. We sadly still don't have a bbq but it doesn't stop us experimenting with bits in the house that we would put together if we were throwing one!  

This weekend we decided to have a pasta salad using Primula cheese. Normally we wouldn't steer away from cooking up the pasta and popping in some mayo and salad cream but we decided to change it up a bit and go for a different flavour. We used the Primula Ham and Cheese sauce (along with a wee bit of salad cream) and mixed it up with some lovely fresh salad. We used lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, cucumber and threw a bit of ham in there too. We also added a sprinkling of mixed herbs.


The salad was really very tasty and we loved the different flavour of using the Primula cheese in it. By adding a splodge of salad cream, it kept the sauce nice and moist and adding yummy ham from the deli counter, it really added to the flavour. 


Alongside this, I also decided to cook up some corn on the cob. Usually I would smother these in butter but instead, I smothered them in Primula Cheese and Chive sauce (one of my favourites). I wasn't sure how the two things combined would be but it was really tasty. You got the full flavour of the corn along with the delicious flavour of the cheese sauce. 


I can certainly say that I would defiitely mix these two things up again, especially if I was making it for others. It also made the perfect lunch for me as I am still not a fan of bread (since being pregnant again) and am always looking for other things to eat as a substitute. This was a real treat on a bank holiday monday! 


This post was written as my part in the Primula blogger club. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. The Primula range is available in Asda.

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