Tiddlers & Nippers Family and Household Planner – a review

I recently wrote a review about the fabulous quick dry towels from Tiddlers & Nippers. They are one of my favourite small companies and I am loving seeing the development of their products which have come a long way since my discovery of their fab weaning tracker.

When I received the towels, I also received their gorgeous new family and household planner which I have been using for the last few weeks.

The first thing to note about the planner is that the it is undated. Initially, I was a bit like oh, I have to fill it all in myself. But then the stationary lover inside of me got majorly excited about it, and even though it took a couple of sessions to complete it, I absolutely loved doing it. It was pretty therapeutic in a weird way!

The main thing that I love about being able to fill the dates out myself, is that I could start using it at any time of the year. I have a calendar that I got for Christmas, and even though I love the look of it, the write on wipe off part of it doesn’t really work very well and it has been a bit frustrating to use. This planner meant that I could start afresh with the month we were in and have it for a whole year from that point.

The planner has so many sections on it to keep note of everything – it is perfect for a busy family.

It has space for up to five or six family members, a ‘reminder for next week’ section which also doubles as the sixth family member if you need it, a meal planner with a ‘who’s on cooking duties’, a shopping list, a ‘who’s picking up’ section, and a to-do list (particularly helpful if you have that sixth family member taking up the reminder column!). I have been using it for a family of four and so use the spare name section as a birthdays/anniversary section.

The only part of the planner that hasn’t been relevant to me at this moment in time, is the ‘picking up’ section. This is because right now, it’s me doing the school run every day. But if I found myself back out at work, with Zach at school and Oscar at a nursery/childminder, then I know that this section would come in really handy to remember who is doing what on each day!

I love how big each of the spaces are on this planner – it is a week to view on each page. There is enough space to fit on a couple of things each day. So often you get a little thin line and not enough space to write your plans in them, this is a big bonus to me. The inside of the planner has an example of how to fill it all out, which gives a much better insight than my slightly less hectic life!

Along with all of the fabulous bits to keep family life organised, I love the design of it. It’s pretty, simple and looks great.

It’s not often I come across a family planner that has everything that I could need, but because they are a family themselves, who like to think of themselves as being a source of ‘making life easier’ for other families, they have just thought of everything.

I am super impressed and intend to keep using this until it’s finished. At which point I’ll probably buy another one and have that same satisfaction that I got when I sat to write all of the dates in the right places!

We were sent the Tiddlers & Nippers family planner for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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