Toddler proofing with Aycorn (plus you can win some goodies!)

Ok, so in truth, we sort of toddler proofed a while ago. In most cases around the house, I am quite lenient – making things safe but not going over the top, because I think it’s important for Oscar to learn when not to do something or touch something. There are instances though, like with stair gates and cupboard locks, that these must be present in order to keep him safe – and in some cases, to keep our stuff safe!

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to cupboard locks, we have never found ones that work well. We had a set on the cupboard under the sink, where the lever hooks over and onto the other side to connect, and whilst it worked for a while, the connection eventually came loose and suddenly Oscar could open them, leaving him with full access to all of the cleaning products.

There are so many types out there that I have found just don’t work properly, or have no longevity. They either get worked out by small people super quickly, or they are almost impossible for even us adults to open. I was about to research into a new lock to replace the under the sink one urgently, when I received the details of Aycorn, and I got in touch with them to see if they fancied working with me. They said yes, and very kindly sent me a box of their locks, and also some corner protectors.

Aycorn have designed magnetic locks. They are designed to be easy to install, secure and more wonderfully, invisible!

We received the locks and immediately got to work on securing that cupboard under the sink that had been worrying me so much, and causing me stresses that I didn’t need! I say we got to work on it, it was actually the other half that did it one morning,and before I knew it, he had fitted them. So they really were simple to fit!

The way they work, is that each lock has two parts to it. The latch part sticks to the inside of the door and then the catch sticks to the inside of the cupboard. They have to be lined up perfectly, which is the only bit that you have to be super careful of when attaching them. When you then close the cupboard, the latch and the catch connect and it’s locked shut.

The key, which is the magnet, is then hovered over the front of where the lock is positioned and the magnetisation causes it to unlock. It is super, super clever! And they really are completely invisible from the outside which I absolutely love. It’s just a shame that the previous lock we had left a huge sticky remnant behind when we took it off!

The keys are not the kind of key you would think of. It’s more like a knob and the base of it is sticky so you can attach it anywhere to keep it safe. And of course – since it is a magnet, you can even just pop it onto the fridge for those kitchen cupboard locks.

The locks come in a pack of 10. So there are 10 latches, 10 catches and two keys.

There are a couple of very small niggles that come with these locks. One is that it sometimes takes a few attempts to get the key in the right place. The more you use it, the easier it is to remember exactly where the latch is, but I do sometimes misjudge where I think it is. Also, it is not wholly easy to do it one handed, which sometimes I have to do. But these really are tiny niggles and the overall brilliance of the product should not be taken away from. I think it is by far the best toddler safe cupboard lock that we have used.

The other half did think of one thing, and that’s that if someone was at the house and didn’t realise that there was a lock inside, they would wonder why they couldn’t get into the cupboard. So it’s probably important to tell anyone that visits, that they are locked, and where the key is.

The only cupboard that we had problems with was the one under the stairs, and I think it’s because it has another quite stiff latch on it which makes you have to yank it open and makes this catch rip off. That’s more the fault of the cupboard than the lock but I thought I should mention it.

The locks are designed to be used on cupboards, cabinets and drawers that are up to 38mm thick and they come with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee!

And as I mentioned above, cupboard locks aren’t the only thing that Aycorn make. We also received a pack of their corner protectors. We don’t have many surfaces in our house that have corners, but the dining table is almost at Oscar height now, and with him zooming round the lounge and dining room without a care in the world, I know there is going to come a time when he crashes into it. The same with the chest of drawers upstairs which is probably the only other thing that has sharp corners.

The Aycorn corner protectors are made from flexible PVC and have a wide and flat design, meaning better coverage of dangerous corners. They have a soft cushion protection and quite simply, pop onto the corner of whatever it is you are using. So far, they have stayed exactly where they are and we barely even realise they are there! Thankfully, Oscar has yet to walk into the corner of the table, but I have no doubt that these would prevent him from getting really hurt if he did.

I am super happy with both of the products we were sent and would have absolutely no hesitation in heading straight to acorn for any future safety locks and corner protectors that we may need in the future.

The lovely people at Aycorn have given me permission to run a competition for you lovely readers.

One of you can win a set of safety locks and corner protectors by simply filling in the rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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Prize being supplied by Aycorn Products
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