Tuck n’ Snug bedding set – a review

I don't know about your kids but Zach has never been a fan of bed covers. When he was a tiny baby he hated blankets and if you put one over him while he was sleeping he would instantly wake up disgruntled and wriggle himself out of them.  It was at that point that I discovered the magic of sleeping bags which he slept in until the age of 2 years and 4 months when we changed his cot into a bed.  Knowing that he hated any form of cover, I wasn't sure what he would think of a duvet but figured he had to get used to them at some point!

Over the last year we have had nights where he's kicked them off, nights where he's stayed snuggled up and nights where he's rolled out of bed, onto the floor with his duvet curled up round his little body. He was going through a particularly rough time with covers, throwing them off several times a night and waking up cold and needing us to recover him, when I was contacted by the team at Tuck n' Snug to see if I wanted to review one of their very special duvet sets. In the hope that it would help us get through this particularly rough time of several wake ups per night, I welcomed the product into our home.


Tuck n' Snug is a duvet cover and pillow set that has extra material that is tucked underneath the mattress. There is a section of extra material on each side and the bottom of the duvet cover and also on each side of the pillow case. The duvet goes into the centre as any other duvet and then each extra piece of material is tucked under so that it is kept securely in place and thus, your child should be able to stay snuggled up cosy all night long. The question is, did it work?


As with all products that come with the hope of a good night sleep, I was hoping for a miracle. While it didn't quite perform the miracle, this set definitely helped us and I think it has had a long term impact on Zach actually managing to keep a normal duvet cover on him. At first he wasn't massively keen on being under a duvet that he didn't think he could get out of. I remember when he was a newborn and still in hospital when the nurses swaddled him – the first thing he did was wiggle an arm free!

After a couple of nights of using this he'd got used to it, got used to us tucking it all under and used to me moaning when he wriggled too much and loosened it a bit.  That's the problem with him (and probably lots of other children), he is a wriggle monster and he has to flip and turn at least 15 times before he settles into a sleep position!

So, after a few nights there was a definite improvement in his sleeping. He went from waking three times a night to just once a night and when he was waking, he wasn't completely uncovered. We noticed that even if he managed to wiggle one side free, as long as the other side (the side of the floor ) stayed under, he still managed to stay under and he managed to mostly stay asleep.


In terms of the design of the product, it's lovely and simple. If you've got quite a decorated bedroom like Zach does, it can be hard to find the right bedding to match but this has a simple puppy design and that's it. It doesn't look out of place in his room and looks lovely and fresh. We are always quite careful to get good quality bedding because Zach suffers with eczema. Where I can, I always go for 100% cotton. This duvet set is made of 50/50 percale cotton and it's just as good quality as all of his 100% cotton ones. It's lovely and soft and hasn't caused any issues with his eczema.  Of course for peace of mind I would have been happier in the beginning if it was 100% but now I know it's absolutely fine we've used it lots. If ever there is any sign of his eczema being affected I change whatever is being used but with this, I simply haven't had to.

Overall I am really pleased with this product. I would say that it has definitely helped to improve his sleeping and his ability to keep his covers on him. I would absolutely recommend this product, especially if you have a regular waker like we did! 

Tuck n Snug comes in the choice of two designs (puppy or kitten), abd has an RRP of £39.99.

We were sent the Tuck n' Snug bedding set for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. March 25, 2016 / 4:19 pm

    Oh, no! This brings back some memories. We tried everything with our little lad (who is now three) but even as a tiny baby, he would regularly kick off the covers. He didn't like to be held in – no matter what everyone told us about swaddling and the fourth trimester.

    Eventually, we put him in a little sleep bag, and it was miraculous! Now, he could stretch and kick as much as he wanted, and he was still nice and warm. He kept this on in the bedside cot, travel cot, all the way (in cold weather) until he graduated to his 'grown-up' bed. Now, he wakes up in all kinds of positions, but it doesn't seem to bother him.

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