And just like that, it’s back to school

The uniform was ironed and ready.

The name tags had been put in.

The PE kit was packed.

The book bag was ready.

Last night I tucked up the biggest of my boys and gave him an extra big kiss and a cuddle.

This morning, that boy woke up as a Year One pupil.

It really has been a cracking Summer. I am not going to lie – there were times when it was a struggle – particularly the final two weeks when we had done all the super fun stuff, when we were lacking in money and when I was struck down with a god awful cold that left me feeling utterly rubbish! I think Zach was getting bored by the lack of routine, his attitude was out in force, and there was quite a lot of shouty Mummy going on.

But the fun bits. Oh they were fun.

We had a fun trip to Paradise Wildlife Park AND The Gunpowder Mills!



There was the trip down to the Seaside where we stayed with my Aunt and Uncle and had fun in beach huts.



There was the visit to Colchester Zoo which the boys absolutely loved!



There was the awesome trip to Chessington (thank you Tesco vouchers!) which I haven’t even got round to writing about yet! But it featured a lot of trains (I didn’t drive for fear of an awful M25 journey!), two children having uber amounts of fun, and Mummy riding the Vampire with her biggest boy!



And another trip to Paradise!



And then when Daddy’s two weeks with us was over and he headed back to work, there was garden fun…



Park fun…



A circus trip!



And we even managed another trip to Paradise on the very last weekend (we have a season ticket).



And on top of all of that, there has been a lot of tea and a lot of ice cream!



But now, the fun is over. The six weeks have ended and this morning our biggest boy put on his uniform, walked out the door, and confidently walked into his new Year One classroom. I met his teacher who seemed really nice, I peeked through the window to see him hanging up his book bag, and I walked back through the playground with our little Oscar pants who was a bit confused and a bit upset that we had left Zach behind.

The joy of the school run is back again. The wrangling of a toddler who doesn’t want to go in his buggy, doesn’t want to walk faster than 0.5 miles an hour, and who loves to just stop and stand – refusing to move from his position.

But what comes with the downsides, are the amazing things that my boy is going to learn. It is simply amazing at how much their sponge like brains pick up. He learnt so much in Reception and that fountain of knowledge is going to expand every single day.

One thing I am going to try and do much better this year, is support him at home. I found it really hard last year to sit down with him and read, to get him to practise his writing, and to sit and do his homework with him. There were a couple of reasons – Oscar being one of them because he would get jealous and make it really hard for us to do it, and the other thing was Zach’s tiredness. The last thing he wanted to do when he came home was to do more learning.

But equally, I know that when he completes his homework and when he successfully reads a whole Biff book, he is so proud of himself. And I am so proud of him. And so if we can have those happy, proud moments regularly, among the grouchy after school attitude, then I think we will have much more successful weeks. We will see how it goes!

For now though, I am so proud of him. Year 1 feels like the real start of the school journey. It’s where the hard work will begin and where I think we will really see him flourish 🙂


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