Guest post – 7 ways to prepare your child for school

I have written on here about preparing us parents for having a school child. The things you need to know, like the amount of emails that you’ll get on a daily basis, along with what you need to buy – but I haven’t focused on preparing the actual child.

Despite me having gone through the whole process, my mind comes to an actual blank when I think back to how I got Zach ready for school. And so, instead of me writing all about it, my lovely blogger friend Carol has done so instead! I shall hand you straight over to her. 

So, your baby is no longer a baby and is going to school! How did that happen?!

It’s a huge milestone for everyone but here are 7 ways to prepare your child for their next big adventure:

Seven Ways to prepare your child for school


It’s good to talk

Have a nice, easy chat about it. Not while you’re sorting washing, checking emails or sorting tea. Give them your full attention. And encourage this laid-back chat for a time when the TV’s off, any siblings are occupied and you’ve got their attention. That said, if they ask you about school while you’re busy doing something, obviously talk to them, seize the moment and go with the flow.


Positive vibes only

Always be positive and give off good vibes when talking about school in front of little ears, because those little ears pick up everything (including the rustle of a chocolate bar!). They will likely pick up on nervous or negative energy, so keep upbeat if you possibly can.



Arrange to visit the school with your child. The school will likely organise a settling in session or day. Take advantage of these if you possibly can. Familiarising your child with their new surroundings will go a long way to settling their emotions.


Packed lunch

Even if your child’s favourite food is on the menu at any settling in session, it’s a good idea to take a pack-up, just in case that favourite food isn’t cooked the way they’re used to. Best to have a good experience of an integral part of the school day from the outset!



You know that settling in visit I keep mentioning? They’ll likely be wearing their uniform, so get your child used to their uniform. Try not to leave any uniform shopping to the last minute. Buy it early, hang it in their wardrobe/pop in their drawers, so that it smells like home. It may help them to settle themselves better.


Teacher’s name

Using your teacher’s name with your child, and even seeing a picture of them, is another way to familiarise them with a new setting. If the school doesn’t offer pictures of the teacher as a matter of course, look on their website for a picture or contact the school.



During the holidays before your child starts school, include some home activities that involves reading, writing and numbers. It will keep their brains ticking over (especially if they’ve been to pre-school or nursery).


Doing any or all of these will help to make your child (and you!) feel much more reassured about starting school and start the school journey off on the right foot.

Have you got any to add?

Carol is the writer of Virtually Allsorts. She is a blogger, writer, wife and mum who also self-publishes her own e-books and loves writing in rhyme.  You can find her over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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