Oscar you are 20 months old

Oh Oscar – how can it be that we are edging closer and closer to your second birthday. OK, I know it’s still just less than four months away, but I know that every month absolutely flies by and I have to accept that you are definitely no longer my little baby. You are a fully fledged toddler with a massive streak of independence within you. I can’t cope with you growing so fast.

Over the last couple of months you have been coming on in leaps and bounds. The boy who used to say ‘ga’ for everything is now starting to copy words. Your ‘hiya’ is still prominent, but you are more than capable of saying ‘hello’ now. If we say a word to you, you do your absolute best to try and say exactly what it is we are saying. Often, it just comes out as a noise but you are trying so hard that I know it won’t be long before your vocabulary is really going to take shape.

You still love your animal noises and now when you see a sheep, you immediately say ‘baa’. How confusing though, that the thing you love eating in your buggy (when I am having to bribe you into it), is a bar. You know exactly what it is now, can say the word perfectly and you know the connection with the animal and the food. But in your little head, why is a sheep a baa and the bar is a bar? You are still obsessed with dogs too and make lots of noise whenever you see one.

You have perfected ‘mama’ which makes me super happy. Well, sort of. you use it A LOT! But I have to say, when you wake up from a nap or in the middle of the night, the first thing you say is ‘mama’, and it makes my heart explode. When you are saying it in anger, because you want my attention or you want something you can’t have, you roar it!

You still absolutely love going to all of your playgroups, although if you don’t like the particular songs that are sung at the end of a couple of them, you certainly make it known. You are so very, very vocal and extremely loud at times. Absolutely nothing like your brother was at your age!

You love playing outside. Whether it is in our garden, in the garden at playgroup, or over at the pub bouncy castle. In fact, your most favourite game at the moment has come from Zach’s favourite game, which is hiding and finding dinosaurs in the garden. Honestly, it excites you so much. Mostly because you ruddy love dinosaurs, but also because it’s the most fun game. You love holding the bucket and filling it up as you find them. And you particularly love hiding them with me and then pointing out to Zach where they are!

You love books and this too is one of your new words. ‘Ook, mama ook’, you say pleadingly. Your favourite is a toddler hide and seek book that we have. You sit for ages pointing to all of the things on the page and making me tell you what they are. And I test you sometimes, and am surprised to see just how much you know, like ball and shoe etc. It’s all going into that little brain of yours!

You still love water. Whether it is splashing in the water table, splashing in the paddling pool (on the very rare hot day that we have had so far this year), or splashing in the bath. In fact, when we take you out of the bath you tend to have a tantrum. Although that is mostly because you have just learnt the fun game of turning the taps on and off and switching the lever from the bath to the shower option. Screams of delight come out of your mouth as you and your brother stand and wiggle them all around!

Your sleep is sort of improving. We moved you into Zach’s room over Easter and it’s been pretty hit and miss every night. One thing is for sure, you love your mumma sleeping next to you and so I have slept in your bed every night since you have been in there. We have our bad nights, where you might wake a few times, but sometimes you have a good block of sleep – which means that I get a good block of sleep too.

I might be completely wrong but I have a feeling you might be teething. Your nose is runny, you have been screaming out in the night, and the increased feeding (including some cheeky daytime ones) tell me something might be going on. It’s pretty impossible for me to see now, because I can’t get into your mouth without using my finger and you’ll try and bite it off!

We are evidently still breastfeeding. I can’t quite believe that 20 months in we are still going. With the longer periods of sleep at night, I am hoping that slowly you will realise you need it less. On the odd occasion you have woken up and gone back to sleep without it. Not very often, but it has happened. You are very particular now, you point at which boob you want, when you are done with one, you pull my top back up and then point at the next one, and you call it ‘goobah’. When you lay in bed at night you say ‘goobah, goobah, goobah’, until you have it! It’s pretty funny, although I don’t think I ever thought we’d be at the stage where you can actually ask for it. It can be pretty painful now, with your full set of gnashers, and so whenever you are ready to stop, I am ready too!

Your eating isn’t great right now. You have totally gone off of your veg unless it’s in pouch form. You have completely gone off of breakfast. I never know what to do you for lunch because generally I choose the wrong thing. The only thing you are pretty good with is dinners and snacks and you love a good spag bol from the pub! The health visitor said that this phase is completely normal but it is wholly frustrating!

You aren’t a huge fan of going out in your buggy now, very much wanting to walk everywhere. I started leaving for school twenty minutes earlier than normal, to account for your new desired travel option, and the first couple of times I was shocked that you walked all the way there. The last few times, you have got to the end of our road and then wanted to be picked up, but picked up only – no sitting in the buggy. It kills my arm and so I always have a snack on me to bribe you back into your buggy!

Your tantrums have wavered a bit for now. You don’t have the epic meltdowns as often as you did previously, I guess that comes with being able to communicate that little bit more with us. You do get upset and you do get angry, but more often than not, I can calm you down without the boob!

Overall, you are the most delightful little boy. You are happy (unless you wake up too early), you are chatty, you have a wicked sense of humour and you are flipping gorgeous! I think that is it for this update – I shall no doubt be writing the next one in two months! Here are a few more of my faves from the last couple of months.

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