Oscar you are 22 months old

Oscar, I have been writing these updates since you were born. First every month, and then every couple of months. And with us being just two months away from you turning two, I think this will be the penultimate one. At least regular ones anyway. I might do one every six months or I might do it every year like I do for your brother. I guess really, it will depend on how much there is to say. You see, the older you get, the less there is to say. Not in a bad way, but there just seem to be less milestones and less things to pinpoint. You basically do so much, you are so busy, that it can be hard to decipher what is a big thing and what is just normal toddler-hood.

So here we are, at 22 months – and boy what a difference a couple of months has made. 

Last time I wrote, you could say a couple of words and a few animal noises.



I mean, there isn’t a word that you won’t try and say. You try to copy everything that is said to you and it means that your vocabulary is seriously out there. I always remember being a bit worried about your brother at this age, because he didn’t say an awful lot. It was when he turned two and moved into the toddler room at nursery that suddenly his vocab exploded. But with you, over the last few weeks it has exploded without the help of the older kids at nursery. And I guess it stems from having an older brother at home to teach you!

Originally when I first thought about writing this post, I figured that I would be focusing on all the words you do say. There are now so many though, that it would impossible to list them. I will pop down what I can remember though – the clear ones that we absolutely know what you are saying:

Water, tree, van, car, helicopter, aeroplane, bike, cable, highchair, pigeon, horse, house, fish, piano, poo poo, nappy, ball, raspberry, apple, wall, rocket, book, boobah, milk, bottle, cuddle, this way, I did it, ready steady go, and Iove you.

Phew! That is some list! And there is so much more!

You also know loads of animal noises now and you prefer to make the noise rather than say the word. So dog is woof woof, cat is miaow and dinosaur is definitely still rooooooooar!

You also know the majority of your body parts, both to say and point to.

And you know quite a few names, including all of our next door neighbours! Oh and you call Zach, acka, which is just the cutest. He often has no idea that you are calling him because he hasn’t realised this is what you call him!

With most of your words, you replace the first letter with another – or miss it off entirely, but the rest of the word is mostly formed perfectly.

So yep, it’s safe to say that your vocab is growing every single day. Apparently you were even counting to six with Daddy yesterday!


There is one other big thing that has come about in the last few weeks and that is your love of walking. Well, sort of walking. Sometimes you walk, sometimes you run, and sometimes you just stop and investigate everything around you, which can make the school run incredibly hard.

You really don’t like being in your buggy nowadays and if I do need you in there, I have to bribe you with food. Quite often it’s a pot of Shreddies or Cheerios as they take a while to eat. Although you seem to have cottoned onto it, eat half and then pour the rest on the floor. I swear there is a constant cereal trail from our house to the school playground! You are getting to be a bit of a pickle at nap time because you try to pretend you aren’t tired and try getting out of your buggy, so I lay you right back and stroke your tummy or head and rock you to sleep in the street!


You are currently fascinated with buckles – the kind on buggies and highchairs. You sit for ages trying to connect them together and get seriously frustrated if we try and do it for you. I am always worried about you catching your fingers but you just won’t listen!


You still love playing with water. You love pouring it, splashing in it and making a mess with it! We have taken you swimming a couple of times recently and you love it. Initially you were a bit unimpressed with the cool temperature of the pool, but once you got used to it, you thoroughly enjoyed it.


You also love swings. You would happily sit in one for hours and if we ask you if you are ready to get out yet, you shake your head and say nooooo.


You love trains – real ones and toy ones. You love ducks, dogs and dinosaurs. Oh and you still adore books. You will spend ages looking through your toddler hide and seek book, asking what things are, naming things and trying to find things. You love that book.


Oh and you love playing with balls. Throwing or kicking, you are most happy when you have a ball in hand. We stand in the garden most days, kicking the football back and forth to each other and you love it. Daddy is sure you are going to be in the future World Cup team. Although your throwing is spot on too, so it could be the cricket team. I think he’d prefer that!

I don’t know what to say about your eating at the moment. You are totally hit and miss, preferring dinner over lunch and breakfast. You quite like toast but you have gone off Weetabix. You quite like munching on a plain bagel, or nibbling on malt loaf, but won’t eat a proper sandwich. You aren’t keen on pasta but like the spaghetti in a bolognese. And you love garlic bread, pizza, fishfingers and chicken nuggets! I have to give you pureed vegetable pouches to make sure you are getting a good intake of veg because we struggle to get you to eat it.

You are still breastfeeding. And actually, just recently, you have been sneaking in some daytime feeds where previously they had completely stopped. One was because you were poorly with croup. And now it’s because you have been having epic tantrums, and boob is the only thing that can calm you down. And of course, you still feed to sleep at night. We tried you with a bottle of milk last night and whilst you thought it was fun, it didn’t work. Boo!

I don’t mind that I am still feeding you. I mean, I never intended on going this long, I do at times feel a bit stuck, like I have got myself into this situation and can’t get out of it easily, and I could really do without the biting because it’s pretty agonising; but clearly, it is what you want and what you need. And so who am I to suddenly just take that away from you. I am hoping that over time, it becomes less again and that your sleep improves again because that was definitely reducing your feeds.


Oh yes, the sleep thing! Since we moved you into your bed at Easter, I have slept in with you every single night! You just can’t sleep without your mama by your side. You were sleeping through the evenings but then you started waking again, started by the croup, and continued even once it was gone. And you have been waking up screaming at times, and also waking up and not wanting to go back to sleep. There was one night where I was awake from 3am and watching Topsy and Tim at 5am. And then another night where you wanted to go downstairs at midnight when I was trying to go to bed! Sleep never has been your greatest strength, but I really hope it improves again at some point. I do think that maybe you are having nightmares which probably isn’t helping.

You had your first haircut at the barbers a few weeks ago. You’ve had it done before, once at a specialist salon and then by my hairdresser, but it had got too long and so I risked it at the proper barbers. You sat there, perfectly still throughout the majority of the thing. And you had a lot of hair so it took a while!

I think that is it for this update. I can’t get over what a big boy you are now and I can’t believe that the next time I write an update, you will be two!

Slow down baby boy!




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