Oscar you are two!

I can’t believe I am writing this post already baby boy, but today was your second birthday! I really am going to have to start dealing with the fact that you are not a baby anymore. I swear it was only yesterday that it was my due date and I was busily cleaning out the wheelie bin which ultimately seemed to kick off the first stages of your arrival into this world. And now it seems that you are a fully fledged toddler.


I don’t even really know where to start with this post. I mean, you are doing so much that it feels almost impossible to be able to remember everything I need to cover.

I guess I should start with the fact that you are fiercely independent. If there is something that you think you can do, you have to do it. And you tell us that you feel that you should be doing it by shouting I did it, I did it, I did it, repeatedly at us until we let you. There are four things that you are obsessed with ‘doing’ at the moment:

1. Lifting the lid of the toilet seat up for us when we go to the loo, popping a bit of toilet paper down there when we are finished, and then flushing. You literally run ahead of us so you can get to the bathroom first.

2. Filling up your water bottle and screwing the lid back on (the struggle I have to make sure it’s going on properly so it doesn’t leak everywhere is unreal).

3. Doing the buckles up of your buggy or car seat, which can be wholly infuriating!

4. Unlocking the front or back door. You have mastered getting the key in the lock and pushing the handle down and there is hell to pay if we don’t let you do it. The problem is that sometimes Zach wants to do it too and so I have to go through the actions with both of you one after the other. Sometimes it takes me five minutes to get you both inside the house!

These are on top of things like pouring your own milk, scanning the shopping through the self scanners, pressing the buttons at the cash machine, taking your snack bar out of its packaging, and sorting the washing machine out. Determined is definitely a word that would be used to describe you.


Your speech is pretty amazing. A couple of months ago when I wrote your last update, you had really started to talk. You went from saying barely anything to suddenly being able to say a lot. But now? It feels like you can say everything! It’s because you copy us. If we say a sentence, you repeat the last two or three words when we have finished. Or if Zach gets you to say something, you give it a really good go until you have mastered it.

Probably my three most favourite things you say are uv oo (love you), cuddle (it’s always elongated when you really want one), and fank oo (thank you). You are so polite and mostly always say thank you when someone gives you something. You sometimes even say thank you when I give you some boob!

One of your newest super cute terms is one second. Learnt from both myself and Zach (we are forever saying it), you say it exactly when it makes sense and even though it’s blooming annoying at times, it is adorable.

Oscar, dinner’s ready, I’ll say. Un econd, comes the response!


There are a few things that you are a bit obsessed with right now.


Oh heck, you are a train fanatic! You adore the wooden train set and ask for it to be built every day. You adore the Thomas Take ‘N Play stuff that we have, and ask for it to be brought down every day. You adore seeing trains on TV, trains down at the railway, trains on the tablet! And heck, if you are on one, you are at your most happy! You refuse to call them trains…they are choo-choo’s.

Oscar is that a train, I say. No Mummy, a choo-choo.



This is a pretty recent thing but you are obsessed with Play-doh. You have been a fan for a while but suddenly your love of it has ramped up and you ask for it every single day. All Mum’s know that we can’t deal with daily Play-doh sessions! But there is no stopping you. You can even pull out the drawer that it is stored in. You bring a tub of it up to me and say, open it. Closely followed by tar, tar, which means you want me to find the star cutter and make lots of stars with you. Loads of stars. It is star after star, after star!



I hate to admit this one, but you love Blippi. Apparently it is educational, but by god he is annoying! If the TV goes on, you ask for it. If the iPad or tablet comes out, you ask for it. To be fair, it has already taught you an awful lot, but it’s probably not one of my favourite obsessions of yours (except when I am needing to cook dinner or have a shower because at that point, he is my saviour!).


Something else you love far too much is your boobah. Yep, as of today, we have been breastfeeding for two whole years. Not a day has gone by in those two years that you haven’t had a feed. It is both wonderful and a ruddy nightmare all rolled into one. There are moments that I find it beautiful. Moments where I am desperate to stop. Moments that is is absolutely excruciating. But it is your absolute happy and the thought of making you sob your heart out because I don’t want to give it to you anymore, makes me feel sad and selfish and so I carry on. In all honesty, I don’t want to carry on much longer – I just don’t know if I’m ready for the upset!


Your sleep is still hugely hit and miss, but just recently, it does seem to have improved. I seem to be getting far more blocks of solid sleep and even though I am in your bed, you are sometimes even staying asleep when I roll over or if Zach wakes up for a wee. We had a rough time recently because you were teething (your bottom back molars have just come through although we are still awaiting the top ones), but that bit seems to be over now (thank goodness because the inconsolable screaming was awful).

I thought you had recently dropped your daytime nap but I think it was actually because it was the end of the Summer holidays and we weren’t exactly doing much to tire you out! As soon as all your playgroups resumed, napping has come back. I will admit that without the nap, you were much easier to get to sleep at night, but equally, you were having danger naps at 4pm sometimes. So I think the napping will continue for a while as I know you’ll fall asleep on the afternoon school run and that would be a nightmare every day.


You have such a lovely little bunch of friends, it is pretty adorable. In particular, you, Billy and Kane are like the three amigos! You see each other most days of the week, have play-dates together, and you just adore each other. OK, you fight over toys sometimes…and snacks – but overall, you get on so well.

You are such a sociable little boy. You used to be a real clinger – crying if I left your side and refusing to go to anyone else. But over time, it has improved so, so much. I can now leave the room at playgroups to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea, and just the other day, you were looking over the counter at me and you asked me for a cuddle. I told you to give Zoe (Billy’s Mum) a cuddle, and you didn’t hesitate. You went up to her, she picked you up, and you gave her the biggest of squeezes! I couldn’t actually believe it, but once you have got to know and trust someone, you are completely comfortable with them and that makes me so happy.


You know lots of things. You are very clever. Whether it’s instructing me to do something, like get on, get off, sit down, stand up (all of these things are regularly said on the trampoline!). You can count backwards. 3, 2, 1, 0, you say.

You know the names of many, many animals. And you know some colours. Well, you know the names of them – although often everything is green!

You know all of your body and can now tell us which part of it you have hurt, which is super helpful because you are always banging yourself.


You are a bit of a sport fan – playing and watching. Definitely your Daddy’s boy on that front. You know the names of it too, so you say football or cricket depending on what’s on. And the other day you changed the channel and there was motor racing on and afterwards you kept asking to go back and watch cars!

You have just started RugbyTots classes and you love playing footie and rugby at home. Always happy if you have access to balls. You also love the trampoline and have been perfecting your roly-poly’s on the sofa (taught to you by Zach). Oh and you LOVE climbing which is quite terrifying, but something you are clearly good at. I think you are definitely going to be the sporty one out of the two of you.


The thing you love most of all is your brother. By god you love that boy. I mean, you basically want to be him and everything he does is the best thing according to you. You have your moments of course – when he’s trying to watch the iPad and you are trying to push the screen. When he takes all the trains and you just want a couple. Or when he takes a toy from you. All hell can break lose at those moments.

But for the majority, you two are the best of friends and I just adore watching you together. Whether it’s bouncing or wrestling on the trampoline, making each other giggle at the dinner table when you are supposed to be eating, or curled up together on the sofa watching the iPad. I just adore the two of you and I know that growing up you are going to be thick as thieves.


This has turned into a bit of an epic post about you now you are two years old. I couldn’t be more proud of you my darling boy. You are an absolute joy and I just adore you. Just keep doing what you are doing (except maybe the tantrums when you don’t get your own way) and you are going to grow into one amazing human being. Just maybe stop growing quite so quickly – I can’t cope!


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