Top tips for holidaying with kids this Summer

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With the school summer holidays now in full swing, it’s a popular time of year for many families to be jetting off for a break. Whether you’re a parent yourself or not, you can probably imagine that taking children on holiday can be more tiring than relaxing. To avoid this, follow these top tips for holidaying with kids this summer. 



The Journey 

First things first – put plans in place to get there safely, in one piece and with as few fall-outs as possible. Each family has their own preferences for travel, and your choice will also be affected by your destination. If you’re travelling within the UK, then driving is the obvious choice, but coach or rail can also be feasible options. When travelling further afield, many like to go by aeroplane, which has the advantage of speed, though is not entirely hassle-free if neither your home nor your destination is close to an airport. If you’re staying within Europe, flying may be the obvious choice, but driving can actually be more beneficial. As well as saving money, you then have your car with you to go out as you please, and you’re less limited to the amount of baggage you can take, which can be an important factor when travelling with children! 


The Destination 

Where you spend your holiday is obviously the determining factor in how well it goes down with your family. As well as thinking about the type of climate you prefer to be in, consider different types of accommodation and what is on offer in and around where you’re staying. Many people find a break from cooking for the family the best part about taking a holiday, but for others eating in a nice restaurant with young children every night for a week is more effort than it’s worth, so hotels are to be avoided. For a destination which isn’t too far and a resort which has lots to offer, you could try camping holidays in France; plenty of luxury campsites have well-equipped mobile homes as well as pool complexes, on-site restaurants and pretty much everything you could wish for on a summer family holiday! 


The Activities 

Many adults like to simply kick back and relax on their holiday, but we struggle to believe any child will sit still and keep quiet for a whole week. Children need to use their energy and be kept busy, so make sure there’s plenty for them to do at your destination. Many resorts offer kids’ clubs, which offer the best of both worlds since you can take a real break whilst they enjoy a whole host of games and activities. 


The Company 

There’s no better way to keep children entertained than other children, so opting for a family friendly destination is always a good choice. They’ll soon make friends and amuse themselves getting up to all sorts, so look for a destination which is sure to have other children and plenty for them to do; whether that’s at a kids’ club or simply an exciting swimming pool or play area. Of course, make sure you guard some family time to spend together too!  

Each family has their own preferences for a summer holiday, so find one which offers something for each of you to allow you a truly relaxing break and some quality time as a family. 

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