How to progress further in your career!

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I absolutely loved my job as an Event Manager. It wasn’t ever what I envisaged doing with my life career wise, but I fell into it by accident and fell in love with it. I loved the pressure of putting an event together and the end result where I looked on with pride at what I had created. And I particularly loved the posh frock dinners and the fancy hotels!

I did however, start off way down the bottom as an assistant. After lots of hard work, I ‘proved myself’ to get a promotion and that’s how I ended up being able to go for an Event Manager job. With the job though, there was always somewhere else to go, to move up to. Whether it be the more senior role, or as an Events Manager, managing a whole team of people rather that just the projects I was working on. I had kids though, and my priorities changed and currently, I’ll never know if I would have become either of those things. 

If you absolutely love the career that you’re in at the moment, then you might benefit from trying to progress further within it. Like most higher jobs, it could be so rewarding for you both financially, and reward wise. If you’re doing something even better within your career, you’re going to feel as though you’re getting more out of life right? But, it’s not always easy to get where you want to be with your career, or even know what the right move might be to make sure you can progress. Here are a couple of ideas that might help you get to the next step, and the rewards that may come with it.

Career Progression Ideas


More education

You might just need a bit of education to make sure that you can progress further in your career. You might have already had to get a degree in the first place to go into the field of work you’re in at the minute, but there’s always something more you can be doing. Take nursing as an example. It’s a fab career route to go down, and there are plenty of different routes a nurse can take to progress with their career. In terms of education, they could do a online nurse leadership program, or they could master in another area. Having a masters is a great honour, and well respected within the world of work, no matter what career line you’re in! It might seem like a big pain in the bum to have to go back to education, but if it’s going to put you in a position where you can progress with your career at a faster rate, you might as well grit your teeth and get through it!


Improving your skills

You can never have enough skills can you? You’ll pick them up as you go through your career, but if you want to truly progress, you might not have the skills you need just yet. For example, if you want to go into a managerial role, but you have no management experience, you know you need to master this skill before you apply. There are actually online courses you can take, but you could also try volunteering for charity. They’re always look for people to manage projects, or manage charity shops, and you can do it with little to no experience. You can then apply your skills to your main job, and move forward with it as you want to!


Reap the benefits

There are many benefits to career progression. If you really dislike being in the position of not moving upwards on that ladder, then do something about it! More money, better benefits, and job satisfaction are all things that can come with career progression. and if you know you’re doing all you can to be the best in your career, you’re also likely to feel so much better within yourself.


So go on – what are you waiting for? Go get those career aspirations under your belt 🙂

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